I won't eat then I'll die

Dads words today! Yes he is very fed up! Awaiting anti depressants (might not be here til Monday) we have tried these before and I'm not keen! My Dad went VERY strange on them last time but his clinical nurse at the hospice suggests we try again....

Anyway getting back to the not eating, Dad can still eat, sometimes blended sometimes not. The problem is, he has clearly had enough, do I blame him? No I don't!

I've had the conversation of if you stop eating you will be made comfortable for end of life, but didn't get any response.....no surprise there really

Bloody hell, Psp stinks!!

It just drags on and on and on, so unfair and so bloody cruel!!

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  • Yes, it is awful, but that he still can express himself even to a small degree is to the good. I can't see what harm trying antidepressants may do. If they don't work, or make him strange, you can stop them, and at least everyone can agree that you all tried as much as you could. Hugs to you, Amanda. I am so sorry you and your father and mother are going through this. Ec

  • Thx you EC I know your right! We will try them when we get them next week. X

  • Hi am totally with you on this one. Just goes on and on am so fed up. Eating is a problem here its like being on guard every time he puts something in his mouth utter nightmare. I hate it all of it xx

  • Bless you Escada, sending hugs x

  • Meds, to fix this and meds to fix that, as soon as we overcome one obstacle another one presents itself. Trying will not do any harm, but if you are dealing with depression its one thing, if you are dealing with someone that has in fact, given up it's another.

    He has made is intentions clear, if he refuses the meds you have to listen to him.

    I have a few stronger words for PSP/CBD so for now I HATE PSP/CBD

    Sending you hugs and strength


  • Thx Paola

    Dad has said he will try them so it's worth a go I suppose? I agree meds for this meds for that, but no fxxxing cure!! Aargh!! X

  • Hi Satt hospice talked mum into having anti depressants over 1 year ago they put her on amitriptyline it took a few weeks to start working but I have to say we noticed a big difference in mums mood, less tears and more smiles, they also said it helps with drying up saliva. She still has down days and stands by no treatment for anything xxxxxx

  • Thank you Richmond

    I'm thinking they must be pretty strong to bring smiles?

    Your mum is one strong lady as she continues to say no treatment for anything, love her!


  • Big hugs to you.

    There are many different types of anti depressants so it maybe the ones he had before didn't suit. Can always stop them if no benefit but fingers crossed it may help in some way if he is willing to give them a go.


  • Thx Spiral

    Are you home? How's your mum? X

  • Got back at about 7.30.

    She is pleased to be home. She looks better today and has been talking and moving about more. 😁

  • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Thx goodness

    You must be knackered but relieved x

  • So horribly sad! Please accept my deepest concern and prayers.

  • One dilemma after another ! It never stops. The juggling of what is best. Will it help - should we ? Theres no end to it !!!

    Love and support from Jean xxx

  • Thx Jean

    Agreed it never ends x

  • Hi Satt, hard times. My thoughts are with you. This may be the only decision that you Dad has been able to make over the last few years and his final one. I know you will respect it. But I agree with the others, the pills may work, which is worth a try. Anything to improve your Dads final months, however small.

    Sending big hug and much love

    Lots of love


  • Thanks Anne

    I do agree with you, but seriously at the moment I can't see him going without food because he loves his food, probably just a cry for help as no longer wants to be here!

    Anyway darling have you been β›· yet? If so, tell all 😝 X

  • Perhaps he's preparing you for when he no longer thinks its worth it ?

    Chris loves his food and I think will be ready to go when he can no longer enjoy that.

    Love, Jean x

  • Perhaps Jean perhaps x

  • i agree jean

    lol jill


  • My husband did not eat various reasons, it is not a nice thing to care for a person you love,washing him /her fade away in front of you,had lots off help doctors nurses,died weighing under 5st peasefull At home ,tell them you love them be with them as much as you can,they still need you as a wife husband sister brother and ffriends not a carrer they are not doing it to hurt you ,just time they can not cope anymore, it's hard godbless all the people going through this show love untll the end.

  • I get you, totally x

  • Hi Satt

    Liz and I are thinking of you all.

    PSP is horrid!!!

    Were here.


    Liz and Kevin


  • Aww thx Kevin and Liz

    How are you both? X

  • With the care and the breaks life is good again.:)

    Liz is doing her PSP posts tomorrow :)

    No previews allowed... I always have a surprise when she tells me what to write!

    Hugs to you all at this horrible time.



  • Aww bless Liz! I look forward to reading!!

    I've just been on diarrhoea patrol for 40 minutes plu!!, stupidly I let the carers go early!!

    I don't fancy dinner now, quel surprise??!!!!

    Big hugs back at ya x

  • Amanda, as sad as it is for you and your Mum, maybe your Dad just can't fight anymore, PS******P affects everyone so differently, I was always surprised your Dad could still eat fairly normal food, but couldn't get out of bed, my Husband could still manage to go up and down stairs, until the aspiration pneumonia, he had then reached the point of needing to be tube fed, which although he was very ill, made it very clear he didn't want. I know how you feel, as much as I hated the PS******P, I'd rather have him here with it, than him not be here at all.

    Sorry none of that's much help, maybe I'm just saying I don't blame your Dad




  • Bless you Debbie

    You must be finding life so strange??

    I don't blame him either I'd be going ape s*** if it were me x

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