Just thought I'd do a lil post on how stressful all of our lives are

Whatever our situation, life is ridiculously hard

For those who have lost their loved ones recently our hearts go out to you

For those that don't seem far away from losing their loved ones, we have to soldier on

For those that are at the beginning and needing advice

And those that are in the middle you can share advice and accept help from other friends on this wonderful site

Let's all come together, have a group hug and share the love and share "how" we manage the stress

Mine is 🍷

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  • Mine is 🙏🏻

  • Yes please Amanda 🙌

  • Mine is 🙏🏼 🍷And ❤


  • Sending lots of love x

  • Lovely post, thank you Satt. I sleep a lot. Oh, and chocolate.

  • Hi Satt, mine is 🙏🍷🏃


  • Thanks Satt2015

  • I'm with you on the 🍷I also😢a lot xxx

  • Bless you Debbie x

  • 🍷🍷

  • Big group hugs.

    I actually stress over how much wine I consume !!

    But it is my treat each night and helps me off to sleep at bed time !!!

    Sending my love to you all.

  • Lol

    I stress over that too! But it does help you sleep x

  • Me too. Try to have some nights off. Feel much better that lots of you depend on it too! Xx

  • Nights off 🍷?

    Yes lol, agreed must try....x

  • The support of friends and family, unfortunately the system gives me the most stress not Rog ,

    Julie x

  • Good reply Julie x

  • Mine too!

  • Well said thank you. Tim

  • Mine is gardening ! I just try get outside even if it's for half an hour and dig! Also a cheeky 🍷 Helps !! My family also help and are always there to help with mum .

    A massive hug and love to you all ! ❤xxx

  • Gardening sounds lovely Mary x

  • Hugs back to you all. Im watching the increasing daylight hours so I can start my garden tidying, planting, re organising and whatever floats my boat at the time. I don't drink too much except when I have company then it's non stop. Also I vent out loud and some days just cry cry cry. Family and friends help keep me kind of sane and my sister is a wonder when I need her. That's how I cope. Take care of yourselves. Marie

  • Bless you Marie x

  • Amanda this is so appropriate at the moment. I have had CHC harass me this morning to make a decision as to which Nursing Home my husband will be moved to. I had some witch of a woman telling me they could take CHC away from him as he is due to have another assessment! We only heard the result of the first assessment two weeks ago and I am depending on my son to take me to these homes to see them. Both of us were ill last week with this cold and cough virus. At present I feel better but my son has been off work today!

    My daughter took me to the last one on the list yesterday but now this woman has phoned and tried to add another two! Neither of which I want him to go to.

    I spent all last night crying and went to bed near 4am not having had anything to eat since 2pm! Not clever I know but I am starting to feel desperate. They won't let me send him to the one I like as it's too expensive. Because it's CHC funding I can't top it up so he can go there.

    I honestly feel like I am going to crack up. To add to this I am worried sick about him as he was crying so much yesterday. Really breaking his heart crying, and one of the carers asked was it because he doesn't see me everyday and he said it was!

    The one and only Nursing Home that seems OK might not take him? He won't like it there because he won't have the view he has now and will still be a distance away. I will just have to pay for taxis I suppose as I can't continue to ask people to take me. Assuming they accept him?

    G is very confused at present. I think it's because of the patch he wears but it might not be? They don't have Dementia patients at this Nursing Home if that's what is happening to him. I feel so desperate.

    Marie x

  • Aww Marie it's such a horrid nightmare and I feel for you darling

    I suppose (and I hate to say this) what will be will be and you will both adjust (crap though that is)

    In the meantime darling please try and look after yourself

    Hugs x

  • Mine is ☕️☕️☕️🍪🍪💕

  • Is there any possibility that you could pay the difference so he could go to the home you like?

  • Kylie

    Unfortunately the rules say you can't do that! I could pay top up to enable him to go there but the rules won't allow it! It's totally mad! I was actually told that's everyone had to be treated the same. I pointed out that was rubbish as people need different levels of care and it should be that the patients needs are considered a priority.

    I am talking to people who live and die by the rule book. Stupid rules but that is the fault of the government. I don't know what I can do and feel desperate now. Especially as I have this woman harassing me and telling me his funding might be taken away! Given he has only had it two weeks it beggars belief? Seems he is now due another assessment soon! You honestly couldn't make this up!

    If anyone can advise please do! Any suggestions gratefully received before I end up being taken to hospital too.

    Marie x

  • I am so sorry ! Keep calm ! Keep praying! And keep fighting!!!!

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