Blocked bowels - possible solution

Hi All

Our incontience nurse is in the process of writing to dads gp to prescribe this

(Peristeen anal irrigation system

Peristeen is a transanal irrigation system for people who suffer from faecal incontinence and constipation. Using Peristeen minimises the likelihood of involuntary bowel leakage and/or constipation.)

It's like a pump that whooshes water up the back passage and then supposedly there is a immediate effect (or within minutes) and then the clean up operation begins. Apparently our DN's will be administering this at night 3 x a week until said blockage in let side of bowel is cleared! And the DN's will have to stay to do the clean up......? God knows how that will go down with them?!

For my dad, apparently this is now the only way forward because no amount of laxatives, suppostries, flax seed, fibre foods are working! And apparently this is fine for bed bound patients.....

My dad has been in bed since May last year and as you may know doesn't want to be hoisted and is now way too frail for that anyway! Quite what is the point of my dear dads existence is beyond me! He cannot do a single thing for himself! I wish to god he would just pass peacefully because this is all beyond criminal and utterly heartbreaking to watch!

Maybe this Peristeen may help some of you? I'd certainly never heard of it before!


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  • This is what they prescribed for Steve, but I couldn't remember the name. He never got around to having it, by the time the equipment arrived, Christmas holidays, it was all too late. I will be interested in the results though.

    Lots of love


  • It's thanks to you heady that I rang the incontience nurse! We are at our wits end with the bowels! Crazy world!

    I will of course, update the results x

  • It's a real shame the PSPA don't do more in their literature about bladder and bowel problems and possible solutions. I only ever met one person, an incontenant nurse, who understood the issues and offered help and advice. Unfortunately it was far too late for us. The fact that Steve went to see them quite a few times, is totally beside the point!!! That lack of input made the last year of his life, hell. I hope it works for your Dad and is not to intrusive.

    Lots of love


  • Agreed heady! It's such a continual battle, one that in this day and age I find utterly ridiculous! And this stage now is pure hell for my dad, a proud man that has lost all his dignity yet never complains! 😓 X

  • Hi Satt

    Thanks for the info.

    Strength to you.

    You are so stalwart!




  • Lol

    I think not Kevin! But one has to try 😀 X

  • Satt!

    Yes, I know there is more going on than you write. Its the same for all of us.

    But you and your Mum work so hard to make your Dad comfortable.

    You also love him so very much.

    From here its heartening. It gives me that something which helps me keep going.

    So be embarrassed!

    We will all get through this doing our best for our loved ones.

    Hugs again



  • We do love him to the moon and back! A brilliant dad and a even more brilliant husband so it's our turn to look after him just as you my darling look after Liz x

  • Painful to read. How old is your father ?

    I do wonder sometimes. . . . Chris is 83 and has had a full life. Like your dad he never complains, he doesn't deserve this.

    lots of love, Jean xx

  • 77 Jean

    So bloody sad isn't it and I totally agree, grossly unfair!!

    Hugs darling x

  • John is either constipated and can take such a long time with trying different opening Meds but once he starts cannot stop , It's a nightmare

  • So odd is t it? X

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