One of the most constant problems we suffer! Or shall I say Dads suffers and we "try" to manage!!

What I NEED to know is any ideas/suggestions please on making the pooh softer, easier to pass! I don't want to be seeing manual evacuations taking place because the pooh is literally like a brick despite senekot liquid and laxido and suppostries and dark brown sugar and baked beans etc etc

I'm gonna try lactose for a couple of days but don't want pure diarrhoea

Help please! X

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  • Get the doctor to prescribe Docusate comes in small capsules take two twice a day .

  • Thx Georgepa but gp has told me that's the same as lacxido?? X

  • We used them both together half to one sachet of Laxido a day ( can use more if necessary )- one softens and one helps the urge .

  • It helps the urge? so Laxido makes you want to go? nice

  • Ooh lovely thank Georgepa ! Love the one softens and one helps the urge 😆 X

  • There does come a point where none of it works I am afraid - we are on two enemas a week which are not always successful .

  • Does there Georgepa? I.e. A point when none of it works?? Oh god

    Dad has been in bed now for nearly 9 months and I know this is a lil too much information but he cannot 'push' and the evacuations are painful because the pooh resembles bricks (big bricks) not joking!

    Bloody Psp, simply hateful!!

  • Get the bowel clinic involved. They have lots of tricks up their sleeve, including irrigation. This flushes everything out. They were about to start doing this to Steve. DN's were kicking and screaming, but were not given a choice.

    Lots of love


  • Thank you Anne, I will get on to them tomorrow! How are you darling?

  • Life is still a blur. Everyone keeps saying I will start remembering Steve as he was, but that is yet to happen. All I can see is how PSP ruined our life together. Thanks to counselling, I had already come to terms with that. So at the moment I am fine. Got the first solicitor's appointment and a meeting with the Pension guy. If that goes as planned, then off to get rid of the box on wheels tomorrow!

    Lots of love


  • Bless you heady, your doing amazing! Big hugs x

  • Heady I've just called them and now dns will be informed they need to start the irrigation process 3 x a week, so thank you! Obviously we gotta wait for whatever it is they use to be ordered and then no doubt a battle with the dns, but that's tough I'm afraid, this problem is getting out of hand! Once again heady you and your advice is beyond gratefully received x

  • Amanda my love, it's called, "Got that Tee-shirt!!!" Just make sure you pass the information, to the next Carer in distress. 'Cause, as God made little green apples, the DN's won't!

    Lots of love


  • Lol

    I will thanks again darling x

  • The doc just prescribed my Aunt something Ill have to get back to you when I get home to get the name of it.

    hugs kryste

  • Thx Kryste, look forward to hearing x

  • Well it sounds like you've already used something like what I used, Milk O Magnesia..... B has been constipated for a week , gave him this stuff yesterday morning (wrong time of day) and by midnight he had passed a days worth....

    How long has your dad been constipated.....I know I asked for prayers....B is on the toilet as we speak...we'll see in a minute if he's getting back to normal after one dose!G

    Milk o magnesia?


  • Milk of magnesia

    Fan bloody tastic!! Thank you!! Love the old remedies!! I'm gonna try that x

    Hope B is ok x

  • Yah I don't know that B is fully ok , but the milk o magnesia worked one more time this morning!~ Woohoo~

  • Can go 3+ days, then I start to get worried, very worried!! X

  • Yah well I'm not going to just take it at yah I went.....since that has proven to be well "I wanted to go" and gas doesn't mean well it only means...gas!

  • Our hospice nurse prescribed sodium picosulfate solution as we found cosmocal sachets up to 3 times a day too much for mum to drink at 125ml each time - not sure if this will help or if it will be strong enough ?

    Sending you and you dad a big hug xxx

  • Ooh not heard of this? Thank you! X

  • George was really bad could go for up to 7 days, not sure what has happened but he goes every other day, weetabix for breakfast, and a banana, light lunch, when he will have it, even meal chicken with loads of vegetables xxxxx only thing is he is coughing so much now, he goes bright red, and sometimes passes out, anyone else have this happen? Xxxxx

  • I give my husband prunes and Aloe tablets!

  • Ooh aloe tablets not heard of these? I'll google, thx u x

  • My mum gets constipated can't go for days then the home gives her laxitves which then gives her diarrhoea and she goes about 8 times, but she then gets anxiety because she can't get up to go the toilet herself, can't win. She keeps saying her bum hurts but she doesn't have hemmeroids? What's causing the pain?

  • Hi

    By trial and error we now oops I mean his nibs! Take lactulose 15 mls twice daily if no joy for three days then he has two Senna on the third night, this appears to work well, no continence issues either , saying that as soon as I finish posting it will probably all change! I find that laxido stuff like rocket fuel, very aggressive!

    Such a big stress in this cring lark , poo I mean!

    Hope you hear the plop today!

    Julie x

  • Thanks Julie constant nightmare isn't it?! X

  • I have been on a bowel mission thanks to this site I realise once proper constipation sets in it is one hell of a job to clear so I make what we call ' Poo cake'. Hubby now has an incredibly sweet tooth so he loves having cake every day for breakfast it is soft and easy to eat., freezes well too. Contains eggs, high bran crisp bread, carrots, prunes', figs, dates, linseed, some weeks crystallised ginger other weeks mixed spice. Works a treat and long may it continue.!!!


  • Wow! Brilliant, thx x

  • Try Polyethlene Glycol 3350 NF Powder for oral solution works pretty good for my Aunt

  • Ooh thx you x

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