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Happy New Years Friends

Every thing is good just got Aunt Bevs MRI done so Monday will make doc appt. and see how things are going to get her in the CHAIR hope all is well with you all and hope you had a great Christmas we went to California and spent to weeks with family. I just know and feel this year will so much better for every one hopefully a cure.

Lots of Hugs Kryste and Aunt Bev

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I was wondering where you were.....are you feeling little Hawthornes quakes up there in Tahoe? Where'd you go in CA? I just found out that Aaron Rogers of Green Bay packers was born in Chico Ca . I grew up (well part of me) up the street in Paradise Ca! Welcome back this a wheelchair you speak of?

Happy New Year,



No we were in California when the quake was here. When I was talking about Chair its Its like DBS surgery but with out them poking around in your brain the doc will be able to see on the screen what not working and then they shock them something like that ill know more on her next doc apt. We just got her MRI done and that I hope is what we were waiting for. Not quite sure but its something which is better than nothing All we have is hope and we are very Hopefull for a cure or something that will at least help. Boy we sure got a lot of snow the last few days went to bed it was raining woke up looked out the door at least a 1/2 ft snow . How are things on your end hope all is well

lots of hugs kryste and aunt bev


Yah we got a whopping 1/4 inch.....enough to close school here.....It's cold though!! till about next week Wednesday warm up to 70*.

I don't think Ive' heard of the DBS surgery .Well I hope you get an answer, and when you do, pass it on!

Stay warm,



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