I'm feel so humbled

I've just finished a carers Christmas feast and they absolutely loved the sandwiches, chicken, crisps, prawns, garlic mushrooms (general party food) and my most favourite carer (I probably shouldn't have favourites) said it was her best Christmas ever and thanked us so so much (it's brought tears to my eyes) and one of the best Christmas presents I could have had! It's really made my day and I might add today has been a very and heartbreaking day for me because a year ago today a dear dear friend of ours committed suicide, I've had a candle burning all day for him and his beautiful family!

So although we have no decorations and are keeping Christmas very low key because we all want a bit of calm this year, it's turned out to be an emotional but an ok day. Our other carer will be back later and me and her will have a little tipple!

For all of you Psp patients and for all of you amazing carers I send you my love and you are in my thoughts not just over Christmas but every day! After all we are all in this boat together and we must not sink but keep on swimming x

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  • What a wonderful thing to do.

    Hugs and have a peaceful Christmas.



  • Aww thanks Kevin

    Much love to you and Liz ❤ x

  • We also have very lovely careers coming in, I brought them all a nice bottle of wine each, and my few favourites chocolates to go with there wine xxxxxx. Merry Christmas Amanda xxxxx

  • Aww that's lovely to hear Yvonne, it helps so much knowing we have genuine caring carers! I plied ours with gifts, chocolate, wine and cash, they work like dogs for shit money, bless them! And we could NOT manage without then x

  • You put me to shame. I didn't do a thing for our two aides, except for some cash. One of them, in fact, gave us presents, including a lovely chicken pie from a fancy local bakery, so I wouldn't have to cook one dinner this weekend. I teared up at that, you may believe!

  • Listen EC anything will be appreciated just as you are delighted with the chicken pie, enjoy it! Our carers are here most of the day with us today which is lovely so they'll be subjected to my Christmas dinner lol x

  • How thoughtful of you. Have a lovely Christmas.

    love, Jean xx

  • I love your read. I am sorry for the family of your friend and for you .....memories....they are good or bad....a memory brought forth today was a picture of Bruce at his son's wedding standing and smiliiling...bittersweet memory it made me cry. His face has faded and can no longer stand on his own I remember thinking how we could fight this and keep him at a good spot where he could be independent healthy comfortable....


  • What a lovely thing to do, I spent the day with hubby at the nursing home, lots of the residents had family over and we all had a lovely dinner, I was dreading it as it is the first Christmas we didn't wake up together and I couldn't get out of the house fast enough.. but as it happened, it felt for a little while that we were being 'normal' sat together at a table for 2, hubby in his wheelchair and had to be fed, he is very weak and it was a huge effort for him to sit there for as long as he did. I'm sure your Christmas day went well too xx

  • I'm pleased your day was ok and that you enjoyed dinner! Ours was very quiet but by some miracle I did knock up a lovely roast x

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