The PSP Chronicles I experienced a terrible back spasm this morning, similar to the one I experienced on my left side back a couple of months ago. On the stiffness scale, it was 12 out of 10. To make matters worse, my tree stump of a leg(s) felt like they were being pulled in opposite directions. Some moist heat, rest and a Tylenol have helped a bit, but there is a lingering soreness along with usual rigidity.

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  • I am sure the cold does not help matters either, have you tried a massage with some medicated ointment??? I sure hope you feel better

  • I had a massage last week. Bed rest and a sauna seemed to have offered some relief thanks.

  • or in other words, a week in the carribean lol hope you feel better soon.

  • More like creative visualization in our infra-red sauna and listening to calypso music lol

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