So who's doing what for Christmas?

A question I'm sick of being asked because I'm not feeling the ol Christmas spirit but inspire me if you will! X

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  • Natalie my granddaughter asked me today are you looking forward to Christmas, I said no not really, she looked a bit sad, she said I am so excited about Christmas, she is nearly 17, her mum and the 2 girls have had a rubbish year, loads of horrible things going on, with their dad, so from being 4 happy people they have gone to being a family of 3, through no fault of my darling daughter. So I thought lets just enjoy Christmas, remember the good times, before PSP, and let's all enjoy ourselves, could be the last Christmas for our loved ones,!!!!!! So let's let our hair down and enjoy ourselves πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰xxxxx

  • Jolly good plan Yvonne and thank you for sharing! May you all have a wonderful time together x πŸŽ„

  • Sorry I shouldof said Amanda xxxx

  • good for you Yvonne, sometimes we have to look at things throught the eyes of our children. Things could be horrible for 364 days of the year but for that one special day we have to celebrate with family and loved ones.

  • I have been accepted as a volunteer for the big Christmas lunch. I am looking forward to doing it. Jane xx

  • Wow!! Well done Jane!! I think that is most humbling x

  • Well done Jane, you're an inspiration!

  • It comes in the same category " and how is your wife , is she feeling any better ?" Grrrrr!

  • Again you make me laugh Georgepa!! So your not feeling the ol Christmas spirit either then? X

  • No not really , V used to love Christmas . When she wrapped presents they were a work of art in their own right . People didn't want to unwrap them so Christmas took forever . Me , I seem to be able to get my thumbs all tied up in the ribbons and you know that thing people do with scissors and ribbons making them all curly - well I can straighten ribbons just like that - no trouble .

    Again V always decorated the house beautifully and although I have done the tree and decorated the sitting room( V's bedroom ) she doesn't seem to see any of it . I am trying to keep everything as low key as possible because it seems like trying to be jolly when all there is is a black hole facing one .

    One of our friends who loves Christmas as much as V used to and who also is fanatic parcel wrapper has been banned from the house as she insists on doing Christmas and was going to come round with a box of extravagantly wrapped presents as she does every year . V can't appreciate them , doesn't know what is going on and what glimmer she would have would be sorrow in not being able to do what she excelled in doing better than any one else I know .I explained this to this lady's husband who said "but she likes to do it you can't stop her " so I told him if they turned up I wouldn't let them in as I was not going to rub my wife's nose in her inability to to do the things she once loved to do .They really didn't seem to get it and got quite huffy . Well stuff them I will get V through this Christmas as best I can with help from my daughter and her husband -but I am blowed if I am going to put on a paper hat and pretend all is well with the world when it isn't - it's all too painful .

    Sorry grouch over

  • Well said Georgepa!! I'm finding it all too painful this year! We haven't even hung 1 bauble!! I take my hat off to everyone on here that can muster up the spirit but I'm struggling with all this "let's be happy shit"! X

  • I aGREEE AMandA



  • I feel the same. I feel quite irritated if people are really wanting to make themselves feel good. It just isn't anything like it was and I can't pretend.


  • Good for you. So glad you stood up to them Georgepa. Sending you Christmas greetings from W and me. Nanny857 xx

  • Umm, no inspiration here I'm afraid. The answer, same thing I've done every day for the last 16 months with worse telly and more wine...hic

  • Lol

    Same here!

    I'm just getting pissed off with people asking us! I mean, really, what do they expect? Us to hang from the chandeliers?! X

  • I actually get depressed when another card lands on the mat. I haven't written a single one yet and am tempted to blame the postal strike so I don't have to bother.

  • Lol

    I've not written any either and won't be! X

  • Me cards written... and it's only been in the last two days I have mustered enough energy to buy gifts I c'ant afford....I just got all my cards paid off and bam another freakin holiday to suck me dry. I managed to dress a table in holiday colors It looks somewhat like a church alter....I'm as good a decorator as I am a cook....she said facetiously...I did manage to come up with a nice theme for the grandchild.....astronomy.....I bought him a telescope, a constellation projector that projects the constellations on the ceiling, a book about the solar system, etc. He and I have been having good conversations about the stars thus a theme was born (borne?) Oh and I got him National Geographic for Kids subscription.....We love looking at my old magazines....

    I have tried not to think of the difficulties of our life while shopping and decorating (haha) I took B to this old military store (it sells really good camping and ski wear as well) the other day and he picked out our daughters birthday gifts; so that made me very happy....

    After driving in thick traffic in off-peak hours.....I am ok to just stay home and give them all gift cards....


  • Oh that's good to hear I'm not the only one. If anyone complains I'll be liable to bite their head off!

  • I'm with Yvonne. This may/probably will be S's last Christmas, which means, I doubt, if I will care that much about it again. So yes, I am going to town, enjoying it as much as I can. It's not all about S, but me as well. If this is our last Christmas, well it's going out with as big a bang as I can make it.

    Lots of love


  • Yeah heady I'm wondering if that's what we should be doing.....but it's so bloody hard when you ain't feeling it! X

  • It's nothing to put up a few lights and a tree. Brightening the place up, from this dreary weather and dark days. You will have eat, so why not make it a bit special. Wine o'clock? make sure you have a decent bottle, or even champagne. Whatever you do, don't make your Dad feel it's because of him, you don't want to celebrate.

    Come on. Do your hardest to put a smile on your Dads face. It will be the best present you have ever had!

    Lots of love


  • I hear you heady, thank you! X

  • I haven't done cards or anything as I've had a cold and only just managing. But I will make the day as special as possible. At present Chris can still say " I love you " so I treasure that.

    I do love fairy lights and candles !!

    love, Jean x

  • Second Christmas without my Dad, fitst Christmas without Mum, possibly my husbands last Christmas, I'd been finding it difficult to muster any enthusiasm, but we are going to my edest daughter for Christmas dinner, also with her in laws, and my younger daughter, son in law and baby are coming later, so I will see both my daughters and 4 granddaughters, so I'm making the most of it!!

    But people who send insensitive cards ie have a wonderful Christmas and happy new year, can sit on the naughty step with those who are only on the end of a phone if I want to talk, or who want me to stay strong

    Love Debbie xx

  • Aww Debbie I'm pleased you have a plan for the day! X

  • Think I'd have stayed in bed if I didn't have, don't think I could have faced the day xxx

  • Yeah I get you Debbie ❀️

  • Actually Debbie why are people 'that stupid ' to put a lil written message in the card (knowing our situation) wishing us a fabulous Christmas and a very happy new year?! Idiots! X

  • Not sending any cards donating the money to PSP society, rather do that, have told most people. I think sometimes people say the wrong thing, 1. Because they don't know anything about PSP. 2. People don't really know what to say. 3. People loose touch because they distance themselves from you. The only people that are there is the few really good friends, and a few of our own families, one of my brothers has been amazing. Yvonne xxx.

  • Small children make all the difference !!

    love, Jean x

  • It is hard to summon much Christmas spirit but I have put up a Christmas tree. It was hard getting out the decorations as I remember thinking it might be Derek's last one when I put them away last year and, as it turned out, I was right. However, as my mother would tell me 'the show must go on'! She is about to enjoy her 101st Christmas and has been a widow for 24 years so perhaps she is right.

    My youngest daughter and her new husband are coming to stay with me for two nights and we are all going over to my eldest daughter and family on Christmas Day so I am well supported.

    I shall be thinking of all of you still struggling with PSP/CBD on the day and say a prayer for you all.


  • Wow Vicki, 101, simply amazing! X

  • Amanda

    I am sitting surrounded by decorations still in bags and boxes. They have been here since last Sunday when my son got them out of the loft! My daughter refused to put the tree up for me and I really struggle with it. I could have decorated it myself as I can do that bit by bit, but I always struggle putting the tree together because I have no strength in my wrists and I get back pain after standing for a long time. Anyway she made it clear she had no time to do it. So I just said I wouldn't bother with any decorations. This was all going on at my husband's bedside! Thank goodness he was watching TV and was actually laughing at a Carry on Film from the 50's. Haven't seen him laugh for so long. I had to say something to shut her up? She drove me home without speaking and drove off. On Tuesday I went to my Grandson's play at school and she was alright going but on the way back had gone back into silent mode!

    Haven't seen or heard from her since. That's normal by the way. She never asks how either her Dad or I am.

    So think I am going to end up as one of those old ladies who never sees anyone on Christmas Day in future unless my son takes pity on me.

    He is actually coming tommorrow to put the tree up with my Granddaughter. I don't think she knows yet!

    On Christmas Day my kids seem to have refused to cook dinner. Last year they both did some of it. I didn't know about this until I was told it would be better if we went out. So my daughter booked us into some country pub (then asked me to pay the deposit and she would pay me at the end of the month...never said which month though!). It's near my husband so after going to visit him and opening our presents with him, we are going for Christmas Dinner! He doesn't know this and I am sure he will start to cry if anyone says it. I wish we could take him with us but we can't get him into the cars and to be honest I think he would be really embarrassed given the problems with eating and choking. Don't think an Ambulance would take us there either!!

    Well we are doing that after my son drives his daughter back home to be eith her Mum. Then drives all the way back again. About a 40 minute drive each way and he will already have done it once getting there? That should be a jolly occasion? Daughter's boyfriend and his Mother who were to come are not coming now. Probably because it's too expensive. So guess she will drop me home and go off to be with them afterwards? My son is going to his Girlfriends afterwards. There has been no mention of Boxing Day so officially I suppose I won't be having one. Would rather have spent Xmas Day with my husband but then couldn't have got home. Won't be able to get there on Boxing Day either and think my son will still be at his girlfriend's. No chance of a lift from my daughter. That would be seen as actually doing something for ME! She has been like this on and off during her life (spoiled madam springs to mind) but it is so hard to cope with when her Dad is ill and in a Care Home.

    Apparently they don't have Christmas Dinner at the Care Home on Christmas Day. They get it about a week before! No wonder nobody knows what day it is? That really upset me and my son. Don't think my daughter even knows.

    So like you Amanda and many more I am not looking forward to Christmas Day. In fact the whole thing has been depressing me! Maybe when my son puts the tree up it might make me feel better but I doubt it to be honest. If my husband was here it would be different.

    They haven't even shown him the Xmas tree at the home and they had carols there yesterday but he wasn't invited. That really upset me as I could see and hear what was going on. He would have loved the carols but would probably have ended up crying and that might have upset others. They don't know that there however, as I don't even think they know he cries! We could have tried the wheelchair? Or even pushed the bed there? Or am I being mad and thinking that people usually care about others, especially at this time of year?

    Amanda and all the other lovely people on here at least try to tell yourself it is only two days? I am dreading New Year too! Have never liked it and the past few years have been even more difficult. My sister-in-law died on New Year's Eve two years ago so my brother will be either heartbroken or drunk or both! He can't come to terms with it all.

    So not wishing you happy anything. Just the strength to get through it all and hope in all your individual cases it won't be as bad as you feared. God Bless you all.

    Marie x

  • Hi I have been feeling a bit flat glad to hear its not just me!! Tis the season to be "Jolly" I used to be Jolly it was my maiden name xxxx





  • Hi Amanda, I wasn't feeling the Christmas spirit either. Extension to house should have been finished last September but still not completed, dust and dirt everywhere, so I wasn't going to bother putting the tree up but W said we had to. So glad I did as he loves looking at it all lit up. Going to our daughter's on Christmas Eve. Can't wait until our 2 grandchildren come bursting in at 6.00am (if we are lucky) on Christmas morning shouting Santa has been, then the fun begins!!!!. Then home for a rest. 😴😴😴😴

    Will be thinking of you and the rest of my PSP friends. Lots of love, Nanny857 xx

  • Omg why isn't that extension finished? Another upheaval you don't need! Enjoy the precious time with your family x

  • Thanks Amanda, builder too busy doing other work and finishing them. How do I know? He puts his work on facebook. I made a very sharp phonecall to him on Monday and he was here today and back tomorrow.

    We are going to panto tomorrow with grandchildren to see Cinderella, oh yes we are.... and looking forward to it. Lots of love to you, your mum and dad. xx

  • Oh, I love going to the panto with our grand children. This year its Peter Pan.

    Look behind you !

    Jean x

  • Enjoy, I know we all will especially W and that means a lot. xx

  • Big hugs back and hoping that builder gets his backside in gear! Enjoy cinderalla.x

  • Enjoy your time with the grand children, Very precious but exhausting !

    Happy Christmas,

    love, Jean x

  • Thanks Jean, very exhausting but very rewarding. Hope Chris is managing to avoid any more falls. Love to you both, Nanny857 xx

  • i loST the 1at. liNe and cant reMember what it said But we are at home 4 a whole week together so will nbe on bette or worse tersm at the end of it1!


    I KNOW THAT !F!!!E!A ND apart fmn XM AS Day and new yrs eve they don't. mikifnd dsqoe,mjkfowering

  • Hey, Jill! Seems like everyone here is having a bit of a struggle over the holiday. I have a tree, but I bought it in the dark and it's not the fragrant balsam fir I intended to get, and I haven't decorated it yet. Oh well, there will be eggnog! And music, even if just on the radio. And there will be more sunlight every day now, so that's to the good! I hope you have some music, too. Love, ec

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