Quick update on DN's

You may recall I've had a nightmare with the DN's saying that the night nurse calls will stop! Well after my 4 page A4 letter to Pals I've finally received a response and a favourable one at that! The night nurses will continue to come every night until my dad passes, I've also received huge apologies and will be receiving a written apology! My point here is, don't let anyone walk all over you, don't let them grind you down, fight back with all that you have and don't give in!! The satisfaction you will feel is second to none and we should NOT be pushed into a corner by anyone! We all have enough to cope with, without these so called professionals trying to break us down!! X

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  • Fantastic news and well done you for getting it sorted, not that you should have had to in the first place.

  • Exactly thanks spiral! They say the whole thing should never have started their end, but it did, but I got the last word, lol x

  • You go, if they cannot fight for themselves, then we have to do it for them. I cannot understant how society in 2016 cannot care for the sick and the elderly. When you let them know that you can support them at home with constant care, they seem to back off BUT what if you cannot or what if they home care is not enough or dangerous for the patient.

    People are becoming richer and richer, governments are housing billions in warfare, there are funds for everythign else but care for the elderly and sick....SHAME ON THE GOVERMENTS OF THE WORLD!!!

  • Shame indeed

    Well said!!!! X

  • That's exactly true Amanda, never stop fighting, I didn't and got there in the end, don't listen to anything the so called professionals say, it's all a load of rubbish to save money on their budgets, no compassion at all to the people who are genuinely sick, absolutely disgusting if you ask me!

    But then I am a pushy cow now!😅 xx

  • Exactly Pat! Absolutely disgusting but I too am a pushy cow and I won't back down, why should we?? X

  • Good for you! Unfortunately it seems to be the way of the world now that we have to fight for every benefit.

  • Yep just wrong but I agree it's the way of the world just not my world! X

  • Good news. I am practising ready to be pushy when it becomes necessary !!!

    love, Jean x

  • You go Jean! X

  • Amanda so happy your dad will have the care he deserves xxxxx

  • Thx you Yvonne x

  • They say 'those who shout loudest' and it seems to be true. It's a shame it has to be down to that as not everybody is able but well done you for sticking to your guns and getting what should rightly have been given without the fight.

    Love Kate xx

  • Thx Kate x

  • Hi

    Although this is such a fight all the time I am convinced we are stronger for it! Well done.

    Julie x

  • Agree it does make us stronger x

  • Well done you! Some good news at last X

  • How I agree with you! Consider yourself hugged!! Love people who write long letters! Especially in situations like this!

    Love to you and your family. Your Dad too What a wonderful daughter he has. He was lucky in that if not he s health.

    Marie x

  • Awe thx you Marie x

  • Well done you. The next time someone annoys me i'm going to take a leaf out of your book, gird my loins and get ready to do battle for what i know to be right. Thank you for your encouragement. We all need it. Marie

  • Bless you Marie! I'm happy to help you with any battles you have! I'm sick and tired of us all being treated like nobody's and won't tolerate it any longer! X

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