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How do you pray or keep hopeful?


My sister is in the hospital. My 16-year-old niece is staying with other relatives in town. I'm glad for her to have this opportunity to be away from the immediate pain and sadness at home and get some nurturing and attention by a loving, supportive lady who has three grown kids and a sense of humor and compassion. The MDs are observing my sis and trying different medications for her sleeplessness, anxiety, and pain. She has a nice walker now but continues to have falls. I cry several times a day and I wake up with a lightning bolt striking me in the face every morning. I'm so afraid she will die soon. Her birthday is just over a month away. She will be 51. Her body looks 85. She has visibly declined a great deal in the past month. I'm worried that if she continues at this rate she will not even make it to her birthday. Our whole extended family will be coming to visit at that time, including our other sister, brother and their families from a great distance. Right now I have a hard time believing prayer makes any difference. I've prayed for God to heal her and give her back to us the way she was. But that won't happen. I already know that. Prayers for comfort, strength, and courage? Prayers for gratitude? How do other people pray at times like this? It would be so wonderful if the Lord would allow her to come out of the hospital with medicine that works to ease her pain, anxiety, and sleeplessness. More of her old self could surely come back if she just felt a little better. More of all of our old selves could surely come back then too. I am sad for my brother-in-law.

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It's good your sister is getting medical attention and her daughter is getting a break. You try to rest, too! Really, try not to worry. Love and peace, Ec

Glad your sister is having the family round, it will lift her spirits and show them the toll PSP takes. 51 is young for this condition but from my observation on this site, it tends to be more aggressive the younger the onset so not as drawn out as many of the older sufferers. Prayer helps the carers but practical support from family is more important for your sister's health and well being good luck best wishes Tim

Unfortunately your sister is very young to have this awful illness. The question your ask is a difficult one, prayer or hope. I personally think you need both. My mum has PSP and it has shaken our family to the core. Our faith, Islam has allowed us to have strength at the most difficult of times. I think we all reach points during this illness that we can't see beyond the darkness. Faith has helped us to get through. Our faith tells us to always look at people that are worse off and then you will always be grateful for what you have. We are grateful that we can look after our mum, buy medication as and when required, arrange for anything that will make her life easier. There are millions of people in the world that are suffering (poverty, illness, wars), we are safe and have resources at our fingertips. I hope that this does not come across as a lecture as it is not intended that way.

We can't lose hope. My mum is mid to late stage of PSP, we know what the future holds because of all these wonderful people on this site that are soo willing to share their journey with us. We all have to hope for the best, the odd glimmer of mum at times is a blessing and reminder to us that she is still there despite everything. It isn't easy, but I pray that we all have the strength to get through this together. Xx

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Very well said am2015... nothing more to add to a fair question. Hope and Faith.

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Thank you, am2015, for listening to me and for your words that make me remember what to honor and be grateful for. I felt a sense of comfort, hope, and peace to read your sentence "...the odd glimmer of mum at times is a blessing and reminder to us that she is still there despite everything." A touching image of your loving connection with your dear mum. Since learning about PSP, I think my heart opens wider now.

am2015 in reply to Pagesofwords

Words are all we have, I'm sorry I can't offer anything more. I hope it becomes easier for you and for everyone suffering this horrible illness and their loved ones. Xx

Prayer will do different things to different people, to some it gives strength to cope with what likes ahead, to others it gives hope. I find that praying for our loved one's when they are suffering is healing, I do not pray for healing, I do however pray for strength to help, patience to understand and hope, that my MIL will go peacefully.

My MIL has followed the Catholic religion her entire life, she asked for our preist last week to come to the hosue for confession, this eased her and finally made her sleep peacefully, something she hasnt done in weeks.

Prayer is something very personal, do what you feel is in your heart. There is n right or wrong way to pray.

Hope this helps and hope your family reunion for your sisters birthday is beautiful


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Thank you, pzagy.

Do you know I don't know! I pray anyway and just pray that my husband feels happier when I next see him and feels a bit better. I don't ask for the impossible because I know I won't get it!

So sorry about your sister. She is so young to get this. Sad too for her daughter. My father died when I was 15 and it does leave it's mark! I felt I had to take care of my Mother for a few years. Then met the man of my dreams and now sadly I am going to lose him. I keep telling myself that's life but it's not much consolation.

Take care of yourself and keep in touch. Take care of your niece. She is going through her own hell. You all are actually but she might be unable to cope with all of this. In fact that-s true of us all but she is so young. Sounds like she is being well cared for at present. We are all in a living hell? So pray for the smaller things. They might just happen?

Marie x

You are wonderful sister. At times like these sometimes it is very hard to pray. You need someone to stand in the gap for you. You have come to right place. Many of us will send up prayers on your behalf. It is hard to accept when you do not get the answer you want. The Lord knows what you need it does not matter how you verbalize it. He hears your heart.You will all get through this. I hope your sister will recover and be able to spend time with the family on her birthday. Take care of yourself too. They will need you and you deserve some respite from all this. God bless you. Hugs from one who has been there with my sister and now with my husband. God's love endures forever.

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