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Detecting UTIs


I came across this:


It seems like a good idea to be able to detect early. Though I believe smelly urine is an indication.

Has anyone got experience of UTI home testing?



Oh, just found these too - cheaper:

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Adding they seem easy to use


I don't have any experience of home testing

But.....we had a 111 dr come out couple of weeks ago n he tested dads urine here so my personal opinion is the drs can do it at home and I'd let them x


I don't have experience of home testing but thanks for posting these. All they do at the Dr's is dip the urine to indicate if one maybe present before sending off for culture so don't see why we can't do that ourselves at home.

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The dip sticks are easy to use, Kevin. Signs of a UTI are a positive result to nitrites, leukocytes, protein and blood (any or all of them) it will give you an indication that an infection is present but obviously a lab test is the best way as a culture and sensitivity, culture (to see what's growing) and sensitivity (which antibiotic will kill what's growing) is more efficient than just guess work. Mum's community matron let me have a tub of them, try asking.


Hugs Dizz

I felt I was treading on forbidden ground.

Amazon stepped in in this instance.

I really appreciate your post.


It's a pleasure to be of some help....a small payback for all the CHC advice I gleaned from you.


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