Seriously? Jury service? Then can Foxtrot Oscar!!

Yes, I've been called again for the 3rd or maybe 4th time in my 48 years! I've done jury service twice! Well this time, I think not!! I literally couldn't believe receiving this in the post today and have requested to be excused! I hope to goodness it will be refused on the grounds of me being dads carer and him having Psp?! What do you think?! Honestly trekking up to the old bailey doesn't seem very inviting to me! I just hope and pray I'm excused!

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  • OMG, You certainly can't do that Amanda, get all guns blasting, I would do without a doubt, being the stroppy cow I've turned into lately!

    Hugs....Pat xx

  • Lol pat! I've completed the form and can now only hope I'm excused!!!! X


  • Exactly if they know what is


  • hahahaha.....

    Hey I'm smiling...thanks S2015

  • True that....send them a dang brochure!!!!

  • Ya'll have jury duty too? yah I would definitely get out of it and I don't see why they would question it...


    Good luck

  • Mmm I can see they would question it....just to add to my s**t!! I mean why not piss me off? Everyone else apart from you delightful lot do! ❤️

  • Oh God, I know that feeling!!!!

    Lots of love


  • Boy howdy, just bring your mate with you as they choose their jurors.....make sure you bring the suction machine so they can get a feeling of how noisy your presence will be.... hahahah ....Oh yah and since he snores...the only time that might come in handy!

    C'mon it could be the only time PSP is working FOR us! hahahhhaha


  • i don't blelive it


    tell them where 2 put it

    lol jill


  • Bless you Jill ❤️

  • Hi satt - I was requested for jury service last year and I requested to be excused because of being a carer and it was accepted I hope yours is too xxxx

  • Aww thx sophiejo

    You've given me hope!!!! X

  • Ps did you have to send any documents? X

  • No I didn't have to send any documents- there would of been no way I was mentally fit for jury service

  • Thx for the info sophiejo x

  • Have you phoned them? I would leave them in no doubt what PSP is!! To be fair they don't know about your Dad but you should enlighten them post haste!

    Hugs to you Satt.

    Marie x

  • Thx Marie I phoned them but they weren't interested said I need to complete and return their stupid form! So I have! X

  • Hope they let you off without a fight. I know you can fight but you need a rest !!!

    Love, Jean x

  • I know!! Thx Jean, the continual fighting is soooooooo bloody draining x

  • If they try it on break down on the phone! Say you are near to breaking point! If that doesn't work contact your MP asap! Let him/her sort it. I will be reaply shocked if they make you do it though.

    Marie x

  • Thx you Marie

    I now have a plan in place! X

  • Hey, you could use it as respite. They would have to provide a 24/7 Carer to take your place. Of course that would have to be a two person job, H & S rules. Therefore your Mum could get a rest as well!

    Lots of love


  • Lol

    Thx heady but I'd rather be here with dad than up at the old bailey!! Can't imagine trekking up to town everyday, no thank you!! X

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