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Update to claiming discounted council tax for Severe Mental Impairment

Hi everyone,

we have only lived in the house we are in now, for 3 years and I have already successfully, been able to claim discounted council tax and back dated from the time that we moved in here because my husband has CBD and so has become severely mentally Impaired.(SMI)

I wondered if I would be able to claim a discount,which could be backdated, from my former council because my husband was the same for the last few months that we lived in our old house.He had been awarded DLA at the higher rate for mobility, whilst living there too.

Anyway, I am glad to say that I had a letter today from my former council informing me, that the 25% discounted council tax will be backdated from when my husband was first awarded DLA and up to the time that we left that house and refunded into our bank account.

So, good news all round.

And a big thank you to Money Saving Expert( Martin Lewis) who wrote about yet again, another discount that could be claimed but only a few knew about.

Well I hope now a few more know about it!

And remember, if you don't ask, you don't get!

DenB x

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Denb I'm disgusted to admit I haven't got my backside in gear to sort this yet! I'm must!! Thx you for the reminder x

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If you need help with anything....I am only a few clicks away!Denise x


Awe thx darling thank you!! It's something i must look into soon, after I've stuck the broom up my **** and cleaned the floor lol

Sorry had a stupidly busy day x


We've had that now for a couple of years. Not a massive amount but every little helps. If you don't find these things out for yourself then no one is going to volunteer this information. Good Job DenB. Marie


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