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High Blood Pressure with CBD

Do you have high blood pressure with CBD (CBS, CBGD)? I have been to the ER three times in the last 10 days for the pressure that seems to be sitting at around 175/122 and will not decrease for long regardless of meds given. I am afraid of having a stroke, heart attack or kidney damage, etc. from this high pressure which is totally new for me. I am experiencing dizziness, blurred vision, pain and pressure in chest, back, limbs...just a miserable feeling and the DOCTORS always say "you look great on paper" except for the blood pressure but they cannot seem to control it. I am not dehydrated and drink lots of water and avoid soda, caffeine, etc. I have tried dark chocolate, lots of meds. I have no other health issues. Suggestions to lower the pressure?

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So what do they suggest....Have you had an EKG , an MRI a whatever they give you? I'd think they would be al little concerned


Yes. My man had extremely high BP that seemed uncontrollable. He did not have any other obvious symptoms tho. I only noted it as his BP was varying first of all with changes in medication. He was put on Sinamet and started with low dose. As we increased the dosage it affected the blood pressure. He had no symptoms of stroke, although i did notice slight changes to gait or equilibrium on occasions. I thought it may have been result of mini stroke/TIA.

A few weeks later he was admitted to hospital as his back muscles seem to be giving trouble. I think this was simply his body's progression with CBD, rather than any BP trouble.

Once in hospital, they also noted very high BP readings, even higher than i had been recording. At same time they noted his BP on standing dropped 100 points. He was still not noticing any dizzy spells. They took him off ALL his BP meds at this point!! Problem being that if they treated him for Very high blood pressure and meds dropped it to a normal level, then when he stood up, the drop in BP would likely be catastrophic!!

So.... i suugest you check your BP on standing and see if it drops dramatically. That could be the reason for any dizzy spells. So you need to be careful when getting from seated or lying position to upright.

My man was also given an injection daily to reduce the clotting effect, possibly to counteract the effect of dealing with high BP.

While still in hospital on no meds, doctors sent him for CT thinking he may have had a stroke. Although there was obvious minor drooping in his mouth there could find no sign of a stroke. My personal (and totally unprofessional) opinion is that the tau proteins running round in the brain had caused a similar effect to a minor stroke - especially as i had sensed it had happened before at home.

So, to cut a long story short, you could benefit in talking to your neurologist as this may be a common effect of CBD. It may be that because of changing blood pressure that when you stand you are over-medicated.

Don't know if you are using a walking frame, but it may be time to consider one for stabilisation. I know it is something you won't want to consider but it may be worth tucking self-estrme in your pocket and erring on sideeof caution!

I empathise with you on your journey and i understand from the canng viewpoint, and hope that you can find meds and/or professional help - more than i can give.I suggested all you have been trying to reduce the BP and didn't help either. Mention CBD next time you go to Emergency! Try not to stress over it as that will not help!

Hugs and thoughts for your wellbeing! Jen


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