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Following on from the choking on tea


Is this normal, F does not have his liquids thickened, although he gurgles like the bath water going down, thickener has been prescribed and is on standby, he can still swallow tablets whole, and eat biscuits galore, but I make a nice home made fish pie with mash topping, or chicken in the slow cooker, mashed with potatoes and veg and he chokes on that! I I despair

Love Debbie xxx

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Debbie weird isn't it, George chokes on everything, we have thickener, but he doesn't like it, we use fizzy water and he seems not to cough so much when drinking. Hope you are feeling better after your car accident? Yvonne xxxxx

Oh, Debbie, it seems foolish to try to generalize, doesn't it? There's nothing normal about any of it, just sometimes a clue leads to something that helps, for a little while. I would love to have some of that fish pie, and so would my sweetie. He doesn't choke in any predictable way as yet, and five years on his appetite is still quite good. So strange. Hugs, anyway, ec

No sense or meaning to choking. My hubby eats toast and as fine and again would choke on mash.

smallshaw in reply to Duffers

Do You think he heaves on the mash. I do, it seems better when I eat my food chopped up!!

Come on Debbie, PSP has been your bed fellow for long enough, to know there is no rhyme nor reason to it actions. S was the same last night, choking for England on yoghurt, medication mixed in with it. Then as soon as that had finally gone down, well, spat out into tissues, his pureed meal went down a treat, so did his rice pudding. It seems so deliberate, but keep telling myself it's not. I am positive that S could still eat crisps, but I won't risk it!

Perhaps taking the bones out, next time would help!!!

Lots of love


easterncedar in reply to Heady

Ha! Bones! It makes us laugh all the time - my guy can find a pit or a bone in ANYthing! Even mashed potatoes, it seems. This summer he kept sorting out the skin from the rest of the cherry tomatoes I was giving him. His speech is poor and he can't shift a pill in his mouth, it takes him forever to chew anything, but give him a little tomato and he starts to concentrate and before I know it, a slip of skin is coming back out between his lips like a ticket from a dispenser on the toll road. It's very funny!

That's unbelievable, don't think I could do that if I tried!!!


Me neither! The first time it happened I just couldn't figure out what was going on. He always loved cherry tomatoes, just popped them like candy, so every year I grow a couple of his favorite "super sweet 100" plants with that in mind. This new behavior flummoxed me for a bit, then it made me laugh.




Guess it's down to shares in mcvities biscuits and walkers crisps then, it so doesn't make sense, chocolate crisps and biscuits all slide down, but I have to cut the crusts off of soft white bread! Who's going to loose the plot first, me or him?

Oh he's just said he wants toast and chocolate for dinner tonight! Well that's easy!


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