A little well a lot actually concerning

Dn's just been in for night visit, one of them knew that I'd "kicked" off about my dad being discharged "incorrectly" I explained I have a meeting on Wednesday with daytime dn's and whatever happens think I should put a complaint into cqc and pals (especially when I consider all the people on their own without anyone to stick up for em), the other DN agrees and said yeah you should "cos they're trying to make cutbacks on chc"!! What????

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  • NHS had no money so inevitable they will be cutting back anywhere they can. Defo put that concern into pals and CQC.

  • Thx u I will spiral sparkle x

  • That's absolutely spot on, they are cutting back! xx

  • So wrong!

    How are you and Keith, Pat? X

  • Of course they have to TRY to cut back on some of our care. They would be stupid if they didn't! That doesn't mean we have to accept it though. I don't know, but I think the secret is to keep asking for more help, especially if things have been the same for a while. If you keep moving the goals posts wider, they can hardly try to make them narrower, but might just accept to keep things as they are! Just a thought!

    Lots of love


  • We have the same situation here in Canada. What you suggest is exactly the strategy that I have been using the past year. They keep saying there is no more money. There probably is none. Those who press hardest get the help. I am not sure if it is fair that those with no voice go without. I know it is not. I wish I knew what to do about it other than badger our MP. We are headed for harder times ahead as money runs out.

  • Yeah I'm seriously considering writing to Theresa May! X

  • Very true heady!! X

  • Well we don't have CHC. But we do have Obama Care....Which is helping us tremendously...however With all the money that just Bruce and I have spent, I cannot imagine how our free enterprise is working.....Idiot face I mean Trump wants to end it ...and replace it with what darlin, the tin can? Hillary will probably tweek it a bit but just enough to let 2 out of 5 people still not be able to get insurance...those two are my children who are self employed or working for a small enough business they don't have to pay....I won't get political here ...don't want to offend or show my ignorance....But I will lend a supporting hand and tell you to tell them to do the right thing....Like that squeaky wheel; if you don't let the gov't know what is needed , those poor people, including you and your dad will never get your needs met properly!

    good luck to you and your family and your fight...take care Satt!


  • Thx you AVB, it's a constant fight everywhere, huh? X

  • Seems 'THEY' can treat people how they like but we're not allowed to respond back, let alone 'kick off'. Fully understand where you are coming from and would like to see how 'THEY' all could cope in the same situation ! ! ! I somehow doubt they could cope like everyone on this site does. You all do such a wonderful job and it is human nature for the role to get people down at times. Jingles

  • Thx jingles, my thoughts exactly and I'll be saying that tomorrow at our meeting! Who do you know that doesn't need a few wee's in a 12 hour period? The whole thing stinks! X

  • Guess what? I was told off by our GP for complaining! Her exact words were : " I think you like to complain a lot"! I was speechless for a minute then I told her if my husband is not treated properly I will complain and if anyone else is not treated properly I will complain. She then said I was very community minded and I said I hope so. Then she told me she was afraid to say anything to me in case she upsets me and I complain about her!! Guess what? She had upset me by hijacking my 5 minute appointment which was meant to be with another doctor anyway! I told her I wouldn't bother reporting her if she upset me I would not visit her again! I didn't do anything about her totally unprofessional conduct but I haven't forgotten it and neither will I go to see her again.

    My big mistake was telling her I had had to threaten the Speech and Language service with the CQC! Then my husband was sent home from hospital in a hospital gown open down the back for all our neighbours to see! He was sent home with no discharge letter but two new lots of medicine when I had no idea what they were meant for. So I reported all that to PAL's. I didn't hear anything so got in touch with our MP. Amazingly I then got a telephone call and a suggestion that we should meet. We haven't met yet (my decision) but will within the next week or so or there will be another complaint! The doctor mentioned the fact that I had complained to PAL's! So I told her I wouldn't be complaining again as our MP and the one in the next constituency were now aware of it and looking into it. That shut her up.

    During the same discharge the Ambulance staff refused to help me transfer my husband from his wheelchair to his recliner as they said they hadn't been trained and were not insured to use the equipment. I was told if I couldn't do it myself they would have to take him back to hospital. He is meant to be double handled but I did it myself. No way was he going back there.

    So they don't like people to complain but I really believe we should if our loved ones are treated badly. Otherwise how will they ever be treated properly?

    Good luck to you tomorrow Satt2015. I am waiting to hear if my husband qualifies for CHC..looks like that's a no then? I will fight it like hell I can tell you. My husband has two terminal conditions. How many do you need?!

    Since the above he has had pressure sores, went into respite and within 24 hours ended up back in hospital because he had pneumonia! He was sent back to the Care Home and he is miserable so I will have to get him home and pray to God that I can cope with him. He has really gone downhill. Can only drink sips of water using a special cup. Is struggling to eat as he can't hold the cutlery. I think he is really hungry so take him food when I go to see him.


  • Aww Marie, a truly heartbreaking reply and utterly disgraceful in how you've been treated!!!!! However I agree we MUST fight back, cos no one will do it for us!! I will, of course let everyone know how it goes, I'm secretly now quite looking forward to it as I have mounds of ammunition, I have a funny feeling they'll be s******g themselves and quite rightly so!!!! X

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