Following on from I've spent my day raging

Thank you all for your kind words and advice. Last night at 2am when mum awoke and realised the night nurses hadn't been, she telephoned them only to be told, my dad had been discharged??!! Mum told them they need to come n do a pad change and they did at 3am!

So at 8am this morning I've been on to DN, GP, clinical nurse at the hospice and the chc people. After much sodding about (with dn's and chc) I told the DN I've made a report and am going to contact cqc and pals, aha, quick change of heart from DN, no, please no,let us come and see you before this escalates, so a meeting with DN n their manager planned for next week! Chc haven't come back to me so I shall be lodging a huge complaint!

I've told DN I want to know whom discharged my dad because they have no right and have a duty of care!!

It's now 16.45 and I'm shattered after dealing with idiots all day! How dare they put us through this unnecessary stress?!

I shall update you all when I know more, all I know for now is someone is going to be feeling the wrath of my temper in the coming days! Oh yeah someone taking my messages at chc suggested a nursing home, over my dead body was my response and told them to note that up!! X

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  • Well hears some comic relief for you , S: Ayoung nervous man called a while ago,"Unm hi I am a telemar....I'm a PT that your Dr. ordered.....

    Afterfter a few minutes of nervous query, he said ok see you there...

    I asked, Do you know where THERE is?...."Oh yah it's...." he then gave the right address but in the wrong state! We don't live in Tennessee...."Oh uhm I mean in Arkansas right??

    Yes we live in Arkansas

    "Ok then well I'll see you at 1 then , bye , I love you!"


    What turnip truck did this kid fall off of ?

    So in sum, If you don't hear from me , it's cuz we are no longer...though I doubt this boy has the wherewithall or the gumption to take anybody down.hahahha

    So you see Satt , incompetence runs rampant from sea to shining sea!

    I hope yours gets worked out...sounds like you got them on their heals so I think you can be a little satisfied you got them running!

    see you there, I love you lol


  • Lol

    Thx AVB you made me smile x

  • Lets hope we are stilling smiling at 3pm...I don't know what kind of assessment this guy can make but, "Yah I smoke Columbian...Kona Kold is great but too much of the mulah you got any brownies..?? hahahah

    He sounded like some halfway house hippie...and i'm all for giving everyone a chance...I mean i was called the hippie at my kids school (also where I taught...teachers did not like me, but oh well)...because I didnt drive an SUV and and my food choices were not made from the Dollar Store!!! and a few other things....but oh well I'm just saying I can relate to the boy trying to embetter himself right? :)Hahahah I just hope he doesnt ask us to go to Nashville for therpy!



  • me too

    lol jillxxxx

  • Wow you go girl! You got them to take notice. I'd still tell CQC after you get it sorted as they will just do this to another poor family who may not be as able to fight them. Hope meeting is productive and outcome you want x

  • Yeah spiral that's exactly what I've been thinking, for people on their own with no one to fight their corner....doesn't bear thinking about!! X

  • Come the revolution, Satt! We will sort a few people out. I already have a few ready for the firing squad!!! Unfortunately, the main DN that I objected to, jumped before he was pushed, well, that's the story I am told!!!

    Don't forget, we all now have a choice where we want to die. My daughter worked long and hard for us to have that privilege, so don't let the bar stewards run you down!!!

    Lots of love


  • True heady! But like I say I'm sick of being treated like s**t and equally I think of all those poor sods that live alone and have no one to fight their corner!! The stress they've caused us is nothing compared to what I'll be causing them! X

  • Oh boy ! You wouldn't like to come and put the wind up my lot would you?Not the dn's they are brilliant down here but CHC .I have found out that our assessment hasn't even been written up yet let alone presented to the verification panel .Our pre assessment was submitted at the beginning of June and approved.Talk about dragging their feet ,I don't think they could go slower if they tried.Trouble is just when I reach boiling point and personally want to annihilate the whole set up I see those poor kids in Syria and think what on earth have I got to complain about .

  • I get what your saying Georgepa but you've got to keep fighting!'! It's a bloody disgrace the amount of time this has been going on for you!! I'm not joking, give me their number and I'll put more than the wind up em and that my darling is a promise! Big hugs x

  • Oh Georgepa, this is terrible. Could your MP help?


  • He was written to but did not respond .

  • Now there's a big surprise!

    Lots of love


  • Georgepa not good enough!! They are taking the p**s! Breaks my heart for you! Like I said give me the details, I'll sort it, how dare you be treated so poorly?!

  • Kind of you and I appreciate your support .But don't worry Monday the proverbial is going to hit the fan.I have all the dates ,times of day names all logged from calls plus all correspondence .I WILL get there in the end .

  • Marvellous do let us all know the outcome

    Best of British and all that 🙏 X

  • We're all rooting for you, George !!!

    love, Jean x

  • Don't give him your vote next time then.


  • Didn't last time -perhapS he knew that ! :-)

  • 😏 X

  • Keep up the fight but watch your blood pressure. You need to keep fit.


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