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Dear, urge to urination is common thing started to my father from last one month. He is unable to control on urination especially at night. Due to this 3 time UTI occurred. When he was falling every time after hour body temperature rises, then frequent urination with foul smell of amino acids from urine start. Then Dr. Treated with Ceftriozone antibiotics after three day it covered. And continuously 2 time giving Cital syrup.

Now he is okey. But urination not stopped. Shown to Urologist but tab. Bispec for 5 days no change In condition. Then given Hyosimax MF for 5 days no change in condition. Now he told that we will check prostate by lense as after BPT prostate surgery done year back.

Now one more thing he becomeing overactive and dementia symptoms started heavily. He is walking toofast. Unable to control on walking.

Currently only Levodopa+ Carbidopa 250 mg three time in day treatment going on.

Kindly suggest me

1) How to control on urination

2) how to control dementia

3) how to control on fast walking



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Dear Ghansham

These are difficult things to control , I can only comment on the fast walking as my husband used to do this. I think the speed gives a better balance , slowing down or standing gives them the unbalanced feeling and unsteadiness. With the urination we found pads and now convenes are helpful . The dementia part is difficult , I do hope that someone else on this site can give you some other useful tip. Best wishes to you. GW.


Thank you 1947. Fast walking will lead to fall down and dislocation or fracture of bones that will be difficult to us. We caring but he did not understand anything. And one more thing using pads UTI will never occour again.???


Dear Ghansham, I can only answer a few of these and probably not very well. The bladder seems to become more able to release flow when patient is lying down,,,,that is why they have to go 4 time a night but only twice a day...I do not know how to control dementia but your company surely has agencies of aging for this problem.

Controlling fast walking.

Make sure he is using his core strength,,,,this is sort of under the sternum sort of flexing stomach muscles. he does this by squaring of his shoulder , crown of head is rising toward ceiling/heavens, back is straight...not leaning one way or other or like my husband is bent in lunge mode. Also if he is using a walker have him take careful steps. This would slow down the gait as he tries to pick up the foot off the floor with each step. Have him stop or slow every 5 or so steps to asses where his head, shoulders core, and feet are....they will slip right back into poor posture without constant reminding.

Mu husband always leaned forward with his hands out infront while using walker...this cause him to go way too fast and fall...I would say , "Hands to hips and you wont slip" meaning that while he is using the walker his hands need to be close by his side so he can control the walker.....

I hope this helps a bit. It/PSP does seem like a rush at first and then it sort of wanes to a heavy trickle with plateaus and back to a rush.

Much Luck



My husband tries to go to the bathroom at night but I have him wear 2 depends, plus a pad to keep the bed dry. The UTI's create havoc with PSP. My loved one freezes up completely and I know he prob has one. Have taken him for more tests then I can think of to have him checked if I see a sudden change. Don't think there is a way to control dementia. He keeps on telling me he wants to go to the store to pick up a few things. He has not driven since he was diagnosed but does not remember. Watch him, that is all I can say. Sorry :(

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