Is back pain consistent with PSP?

Is back pain consistent with PSP?

Hi all,

Is back pain a symptom of PSP? My husband has a severely stiff neck and uses the Neupro patch, which helps for that, but has lately been bothered with back pain. It is not constant, and I thought it was from his stooped posture. He had an episode a couple of weeks ago, and after several days (heating pad and ibuprofen), it subsided. It's back again, and he has had no falls, nothing unusual, just the very stooped posture.

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  • PT, physical therapy...Need I say more......Get to dr...get them to prescribe pt and let them help your dad......

    Good luck ,....i'm sorry for your husband... back pain no fun....


  • We visited the dr on Monday, and she suggested PT. Hubby was agreeable, as he hopes it will help with balance. Now to try to determine the best location for the PT. So you think PT will help with the back pain, also? I sure hope so!

  • I am NOT a dr. but if you can get proper exercises based on the weaknesses of the back, he may be able to strengthen his back and thus release strains and stresses that cause pain...those exercises will have to be meld into the daily schedule so that he is constantly keeping his back strong! 10 to 15 minutes of different sets daily can really be helpful...

    I had rotator cuffs (shoulders) that weren't rotating any more could not raise my hands above my head...went to pt and now well I could raise them over my head if I did my exercises daily.. :(...As for my husband like I said he learned how to fall, how to get out of a chair, sit down; I learned how to help him get up or maybe stay up and well it was good. We learned alot about the pt's bees nests , as I remember.....

    Good luck It's better than not doing it


  • As PSP progresses, patients will often lean forward, unable to hold their head up. I'm sure this has to also put some strain on their backs. My wife also had back pain prior to be diagnosed with PSP. She had an MRI that revealed she had a degenerated disc in the L4 and L5. She also had spondylolisthesis, which causes one vertebrae bone to slip over another, resulting in back pain and numbness in her legs. She was taking a lot of NSAIDs to keep the pain level down. In 2014 she had Stem Cell Therapy due to PSP, but they also injected some of her stem cells in her lower back, and .... Praise God, the pain was gone for the next 2 years until her passing due to aspiration pneumonia.

    Back pain is horrible, as I've had it from time to time. Lifting you up in prayer for relief.


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