Power of attorney-Update

After all the wonderful advice I received on here I've finally started the ball rolling for mums LPA. I went to age concern and they passed our details to a solicitor they use and they have been wonderful. We only ended up having to pay £180 inc vat to prepare documents/contracts etc, the registration was free because mum receives pension credit. If you receive certain benefits then they will do the reg for free. So we were relieved, one less worry. Should receive official docs in next 8 weeks, quite a while but will make life easier hopefully in the long run.

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  • Another thing ticked off the list. Well done!


  • A power of attorney makes life so much easier. Every time I have to go to a financial institution or doctor/hospital for my hubby I mention it and if needed send them a photocopy. Ask for spares. They do come in handy.

  • Good tip thanks x

  • Well done, one thing less to worry about and it will make things so much easier. xx

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