Clearing out and Mums great idea!

Clearing out and Mums great idea!

Today during respite mum and I started clearing stuff (framed pictures, kitchen equipment, "vintage" (lol) ornaments, garden tools and furniture, old printers, the list goes on...and popped it all in the garage, popped the radio on, notices up in local shops, and started a garage sale! We took over £30 whole pounds today, we haven't even cleared 20% yet! But what a great day we've had, loving our customers appear and "pay" for stuff we no longer want! Our garage sale will continue for a few days, and what we can't sell will go to charity or house clearance, I throughly recommend this therapeutic past time, plus you can drink tea and eat biscuits and carry on as normal whilst at home and make a few quid too! 😉

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  • Satt!

    Nice stuff... Vintage my, um, foot.


    I will go for the superglue and the nice crystal goblets.

    I will glue a goblet to one hand and then pour with the other... Carer's needs y'know.

    I can do caring with one hand can't I? Chuckles.

    Gosh you are so up on the mark.




  • Make it one of the lovely vases for the bad days ;)

  • Omg Kevin can't stop laughing!!!! Thank you for the humour!!! 😆

  • Too funny K1!

  • What a brilliant idea. I'd buy the little figure amongst the glasses.

    What a shame I had to turn our garage into a wet room. I've got loads of stuff to get rid of.

    I hope you get rid of it all.


  • Bless you NannaB, the picture doesn't show half the goodies lol! Part of our garage was made into a wet room last year but luckily we have 2/3 of it left! X

  • Our 5 Guinea pigs are in the space we had left after the wet room was built but it is part of the house now. I suppose I could do a boot sale but the only other time I did that, I just made back the entrance fee!


  • Yeah that's the trouble with boot sales, so much time n effort, for what? Nothing much!! X

  • I like the glasses need some more glasses Great idea , we haven't got a garage just a really long drive , satt keep up the good work, you and your mum can go out for a nice dinner when you have sold everything Yvonne xxxxx

  • Thx Yvonne that's what we were thinking and I have loads more glasses to put out! Why oh why did we buy all this? X

  • I made myself a promis to throw something away everyday as I need to clear out too! Haven't got a garage, guess if I did have it would be too ful of more junk to do a sale in it!

    Well done mum for thinking of it

    Love Debbie xx

  • Thx Debbie x

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