I got myself a part time bar job!

Woo hoo!! Got a lil job up the road (4 minutes drive) in a lil club, only gonna do 15 hours a week (Max) but I really enjoyed it tonight, just done 8 hours on my feet, rubbish money, but people seem v nice n it gets me out!! I forgot a lot of my worries whilst there! Got in at 12.30am, dad v unsettled, thinks he's gonna fall out of bed, he won't!! Rails etc!!

So here's hoping my social life re starts....had to share my good news!! X

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  • Good for you, you needed to get out and 15 hours a week sounds good, hope your social life re starts, you are in need of a bit of luck!!!!!! Let's hope your dad is settled for the night and you both get a good nights sleep. It's not about the money is it Satt it's about getting out. Yvonne xxx

  • Thx Yvonne your right, it is about getting out! I enjoyed the banter and having a laugh! Who wouldn't in our situation?! Dad eventually settled but he isn't making much sense this morning, by that I mean saying strange things. Anyway how are you and George? X

  • Well you do well and I hope you make good friends there. Are you tending the bar; waiting tables; in the kitchen?

  • Thank you! I'm doing the bar and yes bringing out food and clearing tables etc! It's a very busy club, and it's very nice, actually a golf club! But not a posh one lol! X

  • Sounds perfect! Good for you for getting yourself out there. Congratulations!

  • Thx u Easterncedar x

  • Well done, it will do you good xx

  • Thx nan, how are you? X

  • Congrats.. it will definitely make a difference in your lives.. seeing and talking to other people gives us a break.. your dad will be ok. Dw.. they always afraid to fall alone but at some point they managed to be cautious alhamdulilAllah.. take care.

  • Thank you, a new chapter.....x

  • Not to be negative, Mai, just a note of caution: most patients don't learn from their falls, or cease to be able to, and can't protect themselves from doing things that will put them in danger of falling. It is one of the scariest and most frustrating things about this disease.

  • Oh, if only!!!!!!!

    Lots of love


  • I totalky agree with you easterncedar but surprisingly i found my dad was able to be cautious many times (not all times of course) when i and my mum was sleeping after long hard day at the hospital.. he was able to get up of his bed and walk along the corridor holding the surrounding walls by both his hands to go to the bathroom, Although he was wearing his conveen and diaper. I wake up to find him standing at my door.. i was shocked and then managed to sit him at his wheelchair.. i know it is not the usual pattern but it might happen.. hope Allah keeps our loved Psp patients safe always..xxc

  • Congratulations that is wonderful & something just for you x

  • Bless you thank you spiral sparkle x

  • Satt, that's brilliant news! I am really happy for you. Something other than PSP, that you will be able to enjoy, not too taxing and meeting other people. OK, they are there to have fun, whilst you slave over them, but Hey Ho, that a doddle compared with life at home.

    Lots of love


  • Awe thanks heady! Pure escapism! Only strange thing is, being surrounded by alcohol n not being able to touch a drop lol! Mind you, the state the men were in by the end of the night was painful to watch, lol! Bet they feel rough as today! X

  • Good for you!




  • Thx K 😍

  • Brilliant !! Humour and being completely separated from the grim reality is just what you need .

    Well done, Love, Jean x

  • Lol very true jean!! X

  • Brilliant news. I'm pleased you let us know. I hope you meet lots of great people and your social life grows.


  • Awe thank you NannaB!! 💋

  • Good for you!

  • Well done well done well done👏👏👏 xx

  • Glad you have some time for yourself - working is great as you can mix and socialise as well as earning money. Doesn't matter how much - just getting out and about is the thing. Enjoy ..Pauline xx

  • Agreed Pauline, it's given me a lil bit of hope! X

  • Good for you, even though you are working you are out in the real world interacting with other people. Well done

    K xxx

  • Thx u K x

  • That's awesome! Sometimes you need some outside interaction :)


  • Indeed you do........x

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