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Hello all,

Someone recently told me about this product and that it could help Parkinson's patients in their early stages..

We just started using it on my father, as it doesn't have any side effects. But we haven't tried it long enough, to know if it helps in any way, and hence my reluctance to reccomended it..

Just incase any one would like to try..

Much love


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  • Thanks for posting Zsha. Please keep us informed on how it's working. I'd be very interested.


  • For sure NanaB.

    Much love


  • Well do keep us informed as to how well it works. It looks like it can be beneficial in many disorders so why not PSP...and that it is a supplement, it can't be horrible for the body...though I would definitely check with your dr as one drug dad is taking may be counterproductive to this supplement or vice versa

    Good luck keep us informed


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