Having a proper crap day!!

Dear all, just need a massive scream, I've had a shit day!! Got up n glammed up for a no ce afternoon out (respite) but after getting ready, mum says she doesn't want to do anything, thx u very much! So I potter off to sainsburys and marks for food shopping, not got the inclatination for anything else! Come back, put everything away, brother turns up with his family, none of whom I talk too! Carer that is doing respite gets banished to the front room, (I feel bad bout that) I moan to her n cry! I'm making a dinner for mum n me, why am I am bothering?? Too angry to eat! Dad is probably very happy to see his useless son, so suppose that's a plus? I want to scream to the world, F off but of course I won't, so instead, my best bet, is to call out to my beautiful friends on here (whom I couldn't manage without) and just moan away! So about to chuck dinner in the bin, what a bloody waste of time, energy n money n just sit n cry! I tried this morning to be positive and as you can see it's all gone horribly wrong!

Wishing you all a happy bank holiday n praying yours is better than mine!! X

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  • So sorry, Satt, about your day. I hope things get better. I deleted a bunch of well-intentioned advice - who needs it? Just try to take care of yourself a little bit. Ec

  • Oh Satt sorry to hear you have had a bad day,!you know the saying you can pick your friends but you can't pick your family, oh so true. Cheer up, they are not going to stay forever, have a word with your mum, tell her how you feel!!!!!! Have a nice bath, a glass of wine, and some chocolate, put your feet up and let the world pass you by. Sending you a big hug Yvonne xxxxxx

  • Thx Yvonne very true, chocolate n wine, yes, I'm on it!! X

  • Oh yah baby...bath, chocolate, champagne please....and

    Did you know we may be running short of champagne?...all these idiot athletes and there supersized bottles spraying each other with it......Do it with coke...it also is strong enough to dissolve things....those nasty moles on your back....It just gives me cold chills when I see young children with a can of soda on their new forming teeth...I lived in Hawaii for years and most children by the age of 4 had their baby teeth encased in silver. this combated poor hygiene but especially the soda or another sugar filled drink that parents would put in the baby bottles to send off to nap time or even bed time! OH my so much for my bath and champaigne and forget the choccolate...just give me a toothbrush!!!!!

    These are the things I take away from Hawaii....the beautiful parts of it are only seen on tv hahahah.....


  • Bless you EC x

  • Sorry. Its awful when everything goes wrong. Hope its better tomorrow.

    love, Jean x

  • Thx jean x

  • Nothing I can say except I understand , sending love and hugs to you xxx

  • Thanks nan x

  • Sounds like alot emotions coming out there for various reasons (family relations of past hurt really don't help the old mind) when already that mind is bursting with so much to cope with. Shame he didn't come when you were out. Hope today is less tearful for you.

  • Yeah exactly spiral sparkle, I hope today's better too! I think it so true, you pick your friends but not your family, not of course, that I mean all my family, but you know what I mean? I hope x

  • Poor Satt...Let mum stay home and you go out...do you have a friend that you could do this with...You need to totally get away from PSP...mum included.....Todays a new day and I am assuming your banks are closed so no bother trying to rob one....just go out take care of yourself.......Do soemthing that will totally take mind off of your woes....



  • Sat, hope the prodigal son does not return again today! Try to do something not practical for yourself today. Shame you can't get mom moving but don't let that stop you.Get out, get fresh air, see a show or just window shop. To not feel guilty I do one practical errand right away (or on the way home).

    Big hugs,


  • Thx Jayne I actually saw a friend today which was nice, not so wound up today, thx goodness!! X

  • Hi Satt, great you met up with your friend yesterday, after such a bad time the day before. Try and make sure you meet up with your friend regularly if it makes you feel happy.

    Take care, lots if love,

    Nanny857 xx

  • Thx u nanny857 x

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