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Update on getting angry!

Firstly thanks for all your replies

I have spoken to the agency manager and advised I'm sick to the back teeth of attitude of the one particular carer! She continually looks irritated and is clock watching and said I don't want her coming here anymore. After tomorrow 'she' won't be coming here anymore

The agency aren't sure how they'll cope because they don't have anyone else to cover the morning calls I explained to the manager that I'm sure she'll sort it out as she is so wonderful (praise praise praise) honestly what a joke!!

This morning the carers were an hour late!! Annoying!!

Oddly we had a 'spot visit' today from the agency, weird hey?? Never happened before

I just think now, any problems nip em in the bud before the buggers bring you down!! Tiring but necessary!!

Just got the witch from chc to deal with next week, no doubt some annoyances will crop up before then......

Thank you all for listening to my never ending moooooaning!!!!!!


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That spot visit is a good thing right? Were they )the spot ream)there when your workers were not? Or did you just explain the predicament?

Lets hope it gets sorted....USE MY METHOD, documents, lists, daily review


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The carers were here

I went into another room with them

And yes I suppose a good thing?!

And ooooooooh yes, documenting 'everything ' now!!!

Thx you x

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Moan away, Satt. While I am listening to your problems, I am forgetting mine for two very previous seconds!!!!

Lots of love



Oh bless you heady!!

Tell me what's up?



Yah Heady you ok?


Glad to hear that "she" won't be coming any more. One less hassle.

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