It's quite simple

I just wanna say thank you to each and everyone of you that has helped me and continues to help me throughout this very lonely journey of Psp

Psp and my dad consumes my every waking thought (and dreams)

I LOVE this forum and all of you for all the wonderful advice you share!

I'm making it my mission whilst gratefully accepting help from all of you to give my help and knowledge where I can

I HATE Psp and always will, your so so horrid and I pray that one day a cure will be found and in the meantime I hope we can all continue to spread awareness

Much love to to you all x

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  • I agree Satt, I would not have been able to cope with any that PSP has thrown at me. Only the folk here have given me the time to explain what this disease is about, how it affects the sufferer, how to be a Carer, how to cope with his endless decline.

    I second your views and thank each and every person out there, past people, that have moved on, but got me through the beginning. Present peeps, who listen to my rants daily, even the new Carers, that are just reading at the moment, who will finally join us, although we frighten them silly at the moment. (Sorry!)

    Together we will get through this, scarred and traumatised, but survive it, we will. I know PSP will eventually take S, but its NOT having me as well!

    A big cyber hug to everyone.

    Lots of love


  • Wise words as always Heady!

    We just have to keep plodding along, sometimes at 150mph sometimes slower.

    We ALL have to keep fighting and with everyone's support we CAN do it!!


  • What a lovely post and exactly my thoughts, we will help each other through this....

    Love....Pat xx

  • Awe bless you pat

    Just wanted to say how I feel

    And yes we WILL help each and everyone of us through this!! X

  • This forum is teaching me so much.

    It's so supportive and safe.

    Thank you everyone ans thanks Satt for posting that.



  • Lol Kevin

    You've taught me like loads!!


  • Thank you for reaching out to me on my first post and offering advice. It sure is such a scary ride but this forum really is the font of all knowledge x

  • Your very welcome my darling x

  • You Satt, make this place a little less lonely! I just got done telling you about how to take care of those CHC people.....and i'm an American!!!Most exciting thing I've done all day....Haven't started on toilet tank...just got back from the gym....can't find the gumption to do it...should be easier the 2d time...5th all together!


  • god 4 u avb

    deep going oo the gymj jrhat is important ]lol jill


  • Thanks jillannf...Hope you are having a good day!

  • i didn't have a good day yesterday sunday at all

    weather great bt i fdidnt get outta here at all

    2 was on'orange alert' with m bowel all day and =sat night as well

    3 odd thing was i was goi the aba throom every hr . and wa s goig a bit and wa s finding poo on . my pad.whivhcjh i wasn't aware of ' changed

    thhe pad each ttimme ( boy i got thro bout 6)

    4 is it the start of real bow;e l incontinence?

    5 ll ask, hthe cm when she comes 2 c me tomorrow..

    ;l jill


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