What's it got to do with you?

Just had a horrid night nurse come in with a lovely one!!

The horrid one starts talking in front of my dad about my dad, as if he stupid!

I stopped it really quick, the 🍷 helped my courage, took her in the other room and explained:

Dad can hear you

Dad understands

Dad may be a little disabled but that doesn't mean he isn't human

I reminded her that could be a member of your family, please exercise some manners!

She looked a bit worried, well so she should be!!

I nodded her a good evening and now I'm off to bed

Feel better for the rant

Night all X

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  • Good for you, some people need telling off! xx

  • Indeed they do, hopefully she'll curb it next time or like heady said resign x

  • Well done, she needed that reminder. Hope you enjoyed the 🍷🍷, it's wonderful how it can help us manage situations. Nanny857 xx

  • It definitely helped me nanny x

  • Me too x

  • Train 'em up!

    She's probably not a bad person... just a little ignorant... (am I ever the optimist?)

    Sometimes staff behave badly because they don't understand... and they are frightened.#

    Good for you!

    This mad, mad, world of PSP!!!

  • Mad indeed Kevin x

  • Well done you !! Sending a big hug for your bravery. X

  • Awe thank you Robbo x

  • Hey Satt, now you are getting it!!!! Well Done. I hate these little tin gods that think the world owes them a fortune,because they are "caring"!

    We should all do it far more often, but unfortunately we don't, too tired, too vulnerable, too everything!!! That's why they get away with it. At least now, there is one person out there, that will behave in future, if she doesn't hand her notice in, in the morning!!!

    Lots of love


  • Can't stop laughing

    Your so right heady x

  • Good , You Go girl!!! She may be really wonderful ,but you just don't know until you confront her! You give strength to those who are dealing with the same situation...and you know what? I like how you took her aside and spoke to her....you did not show anger but tried to explain what she should have already known . We all need guidance and you gave that to her....I'm proud of you!



  • Thx u AVB

    I appreciate your kind words x

  • Well done!


  • Thx u NannaB x

  • We're all cheering here! We once met a random man in the forest when my dad could still walk very slowly with his stroller who asked me 'who old is that man?' I turned to my dad and asked him 'how old are you, dad?' and my dad replied. But the idiot obviously didn't get the hint and continued to talk TO ME how he was older than my dad and could still walk really well and how life is strange bla bla bla... while my dad just smiled at me. We can still laugh about it. But if it's someone who comes into your home, and possibly every day: NO! Nipping in the bud situation.

    Lots of love to all!


  • Exactly some people are just down right stupid!


  • Well done. She really shouldn't talk about anyone in front of them though. should she ? We never know what people can hear. I hope she thinks about what you said.

    They might put you on the training list !!

    love, Jean x

  • Lol jean

    I think she definitely needs re training and guess what?

    I'd be more than happy to oblige! X

  • Don't forget to put the video on, we could all do with the laugh!!!

    Lots of love


  • A Good Well Done! to you! Whoop, Whoop! So glad you pulled her aside and reminded her that those that are not well are aware and have feelings still. She needed a "talking to". You really showed a dignified and marvelous restraint in your chat. You are a class act!

    I do hope your dad didn't hear her nasty remarks. Give him a hug from us and give one to yourself. You earned it.

    Gracie girl

  • Awe thx u Gracie Girl

    I think dad just let it go over his head because he was very tired, not me though lol X

  • Good morning, I agree with you on people talking in front of someone who is disabled, I just think that when they see someone like that they think there mind is gone to. I have had the same problem like in his wheel chair my old saying is Just because there body is not intact there mind is. People seem to forget that, take care. Nettie

  • Exactly Nettoe

    Plain ignorance!! X

  • I wish you could post photos in reply on here. I have a brilliant pic of my mum that addresses this, she was sat in the garden when her sister was visiting and she kept asking me about my mums condition in front of mum and in a naive almost derogatory fashion. Mum had her whiteboard on her and wrote 'brain still working!' - was the perfect response and let my auntie know she was going about it all in the wrong way!

    Well done for telling the 'carer' though, I was always rubbish in situations like that if I'm honest but I'm glad you said what needed saying! X

  • Fantastic Keviin

    I can picture that!! X

  • Sorry meant fantastic kelly!!

    I can picture that!! X

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