Best carers ever!

I have to share this with you all!!

Dads carers have gone above and beyond today and spent 2 and a half hours here on their last visit!

Dad opened his bowels BIG time which obviously created a lot of mess and a lot of clearing up!

Two changes of bed sheets and unbelievable love and care from them both!!

I will never be able to thank them enough and don't think I'll ever be so greatful to anyone!

My dad is comfortable

Mum and I are relieved although we have no doubt that within the next hour we'll be doing another clear up job!

It's made me realise there are some truly 'FABULOUS and AMAZING people out there that I will always thank god for (I'm not religious but today I'm thinking perhaps I should be)?!

Thank you for sending these beautiful people to care and look after my dad!


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  • I totally agree, carers are very special people and I am grateful for them every day!

    Love Pat xx

  • Great :)

    I can almost hear the Canterbury bells ringing... and well they should!

    Wonderful news... and they can be very amazing people can't they?

  • Lol

    Thx u Kevin x

  • And yes they 'can' be truly amazing

  • Well Done Dad first! Actually able too go!!! I agree, the people who come to look after S each day are brilliant. Now they are all getting to know S, have private jokes with him and genuinely look as if they care about his well being. Most are a pleasure to have in the house and now I have got over the intrusion, I welcome them every morning!

    Lots of love


  • Amen to that !


  • NannaB got there before me, I was going to say Amen. Ah well, I'm glad your dad has got relief and you and your mum feeling much relief too. Nanny857 xxx

  • Yes our careers are also lovely. X

  • Isn't it wonderful to come in contact with wonderful people! Sometimes they are overlooked as we (I) spend so much time being angry...I am encouraged by your words Satt...thank you


    But the fruit of the Spirit is Love ,joy,, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance; against such there is no law....

    Galatians 5:22,23

    ...For God is Love

    1John 4:8

  • We're all very relieved for you, your mum and of course, most importantly, your dear dad. We all journeying with you. Jingles x

  • Thx you jingles x

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