Bloody district nurses

I called the DN today to come and administer 2 suppostries and this afternoon she arrived

2 hours later, the carers tell me one suppostrie has fallen out!!

Blood pressure rising I ring the DN, quel surprise nothing they can do til tomorrow

I explained the importance of dad opening his bowels blah blah but to no avail

I sarcastically suggested I visit you tube and learn how to insert them myself, I was met by 'oh no, you mustn't do that!'

So now I await another moron to come out tomorrow and 'hope' they actually know how to 'do their job!!'

I feel quite close to committing murder, but I'm not a violent person lol

As heady often says why is the medical profession and bowels opening such a problem?!!!!!



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  • Satt sorry you are having problems with DN, were are you? We are in Hertfordshire and can't praise our DNS enough they are so good, if you ring them they will always come, never had any problems with them, I administered George's suppositories myself , just put on rubber gloves and did it, wasn't the best experience, but needed doing, it was fine. Hope you get it sorted by the morning xxxx

  • We are in Surrey Yvonne and to be honest 75% of the district nurses are ok but the other 25% make me forget about the good ones!

    Good for you, doing yourself, I'm just not sure how I'd do it lol! What I mean is how far to push it up?! Oh god, too much information!!!

  • Don't give up on the district nurses - I didn't call them and administered the suppositories for my poor wife myself. Apparently it is a specialist nursing task and I would have scored Brownie points on my CHC funding application if I had used them as it would have shown "specialist" nursing skill required to support my wife . If I do it it counts for nothing - bizarre isn't it .

  • Ooh very interesting Georgepa

    That's confirmed I'll never do it!

    Don't want them removing our chc!!


  • Perhaps they haven't been trained that patients have bowels that need to be opened regularly, to get rid of waste material. How can I say this, some look as if they never experienced this wonderful part of human nature!!!!

    The thing that is working for S at the moment is, 15ml of Lactulose and 10ml of Docusate, twice a day, with Senna if he hasn't been for two days. I mix them with yoghurt for taste and baby porridge to thicken.

    I'm on a high at the moment, just had a very enlightening conversation with a doctor from our surgery. You'll never guess this, but he asked me how I was!!! Silly question really, because I then launched into him, with both barrels. To cut a boring story, it ended up, he is going to mark both S's and mine records, that S has a complex illness and will need to either see or talk to a doctor ASAP, when I phone!!! Impressed or what!!!!

    That certainly deserves a glass of wine, well past wine o'clock!!! Though I suppose I better cook dinner first. Suggest you do the same, doing time for topping a DN, is definitely not worth the effort!!!

    Lots of love


  • Heady

    Sorry but as always you make me lol

    And cook whilst drinking wine my darling and drink it throughout and after 😍

  • Isn't that what you are meant do?

    Lots of love


  • Informative and wonderfully graphic too... It's wonderful progress when a Dr finally realises PSP in complex!

    I'm going to book in for a gattling gun course ;)

    Thanks for the info and smiles :)

  • I have been on the fast track appointment for ages. If you want to see our doctor you have to phone on the day at 8am and there is no pre booking. But i can book an appointment in advance or even late book ie for the end of surgery as long as i phone by 11am. I think it is down to the fact that Brian has got psp and I'm registered at the doctors as his carer.

    I think this is the only good thing about our doctors the gp's themselves are useless. Lets face it they still keep asking me about his diabetes and i get so cross because he isn't diabetic and never has been. Janexx

  • Shaking my head... this is parallel universe stuff.

    As if caring and managing the symptoms were not hard enough!

  • Dear Heady, I can just imagine you going with both barrels, good for you. The surgery should have had your records marked with a red flag and you would get an appointment double the normal time. I think I read this in PSPA handbook. Anyway your post made me smile. Lots of love, Nanny857 xx.

  • Sounds like a cocktail Heady - might try it myself . Is this a new doctor ? - because if I recall correctly you wanted to shoot him a few months back .

  • No, this is one I had never come across before. Kept saying he wanted to help, perhaps I heard wrong and he was really the cleaner!!!

    Lots of love


  • Perhaps you had got your vulnerable look on - been practising?

  • Lol

    No x

  • If your dad needs suppositories regularly, could you do it instead of relying on DN? Not a good thing to do to a father but I'm sure you are already doing a lot more for him than a daughter should really have to do. I did it for my dad and it was embarrasing for both of us at first but we soon got over it. I have also inserted them for C but his were retention suppositories to stop him going. I found it easier to wet them slightly first and wearing gloves, gently push it in as far as it would go. If you only push it a little way, it can come out.

    Oh what fun we have!


  • I'm gonna brave it and try n do it myself tomorrow

    Oh dear lord, give me strength 😕

  • I'm sure he will cos he'll have me requesting it for you as well.


  • Hey, try a little bit of Vaseline or similar on the end to be inserted, makes everything a bit 'easier'. Good luck"

  • Yeah I've been wondering about a lil Vaseline, thx you jingles


  • Hey, let me know how you get on . . . I sometimes use moisturising cream ! Happy to help. X

  • I am sorry to say that suppositories are a pain in the arse. And being as i have had years of experience inserting them i would never put 2 in at once because the 2nd one would be a waste of time. If i had to insert 2 i would do one in the morning and one in the evening. Because basically they just irritate the bowel and grease the bowel for ease of evacuation so the 1st one would be doing the work and the 2nd one would not be in far enough to be of any use and would pop out with the slightest movement of body or bowel.

    If i was you i would start doing them yourself that way you will have more control over when you give them....... you can work out how long from insertion to movement and then do it so he opens his bowels when you have the carers in to clean him up. Janexx

  • Bloody hell Jane, why are the dn's inserting two then?

    I'll be kicking off even more tomorrow

    Thank you for the very valuable information!!!!!


  • It's quite simple, they are ..........useless. Ours were always putting in two, when they gave S an enema, they were pushed out long before the enema worked!

    I would go with what Jane says, or ask your Carers, they probably have a much better idea, than our favourite people!!!

    Lots of love


  • They will do as they are told if they are told insert 2 then that is what they will do. But from personal experience i have found it better to do one at a time with time in between so each one will have time to do its job. Some doctors will tell them to use one twice a day and others will just say 2 a day so they interpret it according to there brain capacity. Janexx

  • Zero then!!!

    Lots of love


  • And the other thing i can't get my head round is why they all insist that laxatives are given at night. Most of them work in about 4 hours so middle of the night and they are ready to poop. Janexx

  • They tried telling me that, but I said I give S all his evening meds at 7.00pm, including his laxatives, "oh that's fine, there is no set time"!!!!!! Sorry can't do the accent. Let's face it, they haven't a clue!

    Lots of live


  • Omg Jane that is soooooo true! X

  • Suppository tip. If possible insert it with the patient lying on their left side and leave them there for at least 10 minutes after insertion to melt. The bowel goes round a bend and by lying on the left the suppository follows the natural curvature.

  • Thx u Dizz, I will ensure this procedure is followed cos it hadn't been so far!! X

  • Oh lord so making V do a headstand in the stand aid hoist was all wrong ,well you live and learn !

  • Thanks for making me laugh, George. I can't get rid of the mental picture.


  • If only it wasn,t true !!!

  • If only I was a cartoonist !!


  • We can't judge all district nurses by the bad ones there are some amazing district nurses, sorry if I'm coming across arsy but I'm a district nurse and feeling offended by some of the posts were not all useless. I also look after my mum with psp and understand how frustrating it is trying to constantly explain to health care professionals what psp is and what our relatives needs are but please don't brand us all as useless

  • richmond1 as I said above we have nothing but praise for our DNS they are the best so caring, we have been seeing them for the past 10 months, asked one time about suppositories they said they could only give them without doctors orders, she brought me 2 explained how to do them told me to put one in myself, so the GP tells them what is needed!!!!!! Really love all our district nurses, maybe you should all move near me cxxxxx

  • Sorry Richmond if I've offended you! Not offended meant!

    As I said 75% of dn's are very good, it's like any trade you get good and bad, be it hairdressers, plumbers, doctors, roofers etc

    I'm sure you understand x

  • You are right, there are good in every trade or profession and yes I am sure the majority are well trained, caring district nurses. Unfortunately, my surgery did not go to that shop to buy theirs.!!!!!

    Sorry if I offended you personally, but I blame the DN's that are giving your profession a bad name and the people at the top that set the tone that their nurses have to work under!

    Lots of love


  • Did not mean to come across as I was having a go, I'm just as frustrated as everyone else and was being abit touchy xx

  • Not a problem at all

    Psp makes us all very stressed!!!!!!! X

  • Didn't think you were for one minute, just giving us a gentle reminder that not every DN is bad. In this stressful life of ours, we do need reminding occasionally, that perhaps we ought to be a bit more careful, with how we come across!!!

    Lots of love


  • Thankyou I was being over sensitive though xxxxxx

  • You are allowed, we are all stressed to the eyeballs, unfortunately, every single one of us on this site completely understands!!!!

    Lots of love


  • iagre e h

    ll jill


  • Once had a similar experience with P, except the DN gave me the suppositories and told me that I should be able to give them to P when necessary (no training or instruction !) When I tried, he yelled at me and said I was hurting him - which I probably was - and so we had to wait for another visit from the DNs.

    Keep shouting until someone hears.


  • Good point nanbabs

    I have you tubed it

    And I know others say you can but I'm still not sure I'd hit the right spot!!

    I can see the DN pulling up outside

    Here we go again x

  • hi

    start to learn how to administer all your bowel meds its easy and to be honest you will soon get to know what to give at what stage, rog manages now on lactulose twice daily and senna on the evening if he has'nt been for two days.

    i do all of his care our choice i have been a general nurse and midwife for over forty years so feel confident so i am lucky, recently got chc funding even though i assess and coordinate his care, our care package consists of three hourly slots every day . carers pop him into bed midafternoon i have time to be a person and at the mo it is working well.

    i think we have to be proactive with all involved in their care not happy with DN's speak to their team leader , not happy with that response to line manager.

    enjoy the sunshine tomorrow julie xx

  • Julie

    Can I ask how you coordinate the care package

    Dad has chc and I haven't been given any choices

    I'm interested to know if there's anything I can be involved in

    Also we have 4 visits a day, 2 carers at a time, can these visits be increased with chc?

    Thx u x

  • hi

    they should have consulted with you but i think they assume you are happy with what is going in.

    dad can have what is called a personal budget, whereby you say what suits you best as a package and they will accomodate if they are health related. i think that is sometimes where there is confusion because if there is a social need that has to be funded by adultr services, basically they hope another dept picks up the tab!

    i would contact chc if you feel not enoughcare going in there should be a named nurse to facilitate this, it is a fine line because they will weigh up the cost , so say if you say i want 24hr care at home they will say badluck it will be cheaper to accomodate the pt in a nursing home!

    it is public money so they have to be seen to be doing the right thing, personally in our area i have found them very ameniable and i know i will be going back for more health care.

    are the hospice involved ? i find them invaluable as hospice aatr home give me four hours most weekends.

    also i assume dad has a social worker if not refer him straight away, this is in case there is no one to care for him in a crisis and they will sort out appropriate care.

    i learnt this week as well that chc will fund respite of up to eight weeks a year and they pick up the tab!

    love to you all , suns shining!

    julie x

  • Thx u Jane for all the info

    Yes we have q brill hospice

    No I don't know about a personal budget?!!!!

    No to a social worker, I'm not sure about them, in fact social workers worry me, nosey and all that

    I'm v v v v v stressed still awaiting DN


  • honestly the social workers are worth their weight in gold, i always give professionals the psp association guide for professionals, email them and they will send you some packs, it shows you mean business!

  • Thx

    I'll look into them! X

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