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Meds 3 - An up top date description of PSP with symptomatic and possible treatments

PSP Another good article giving diagnosis of PSP and CBD it also differentiates the symptoms and development of these.

By T. Haine of the Diziness and Balance Clinic (2016)

He goes through who get's it, symptoms, cause, diagnosis, differentiates it from Parkinson's and gives prognoses.

He also looks at the treatments that have been tried and others, untested, which might be worth considering.

Available here: (you do not need a Dropbox account - look at the bottom mof the window and click 'read now'

I do hope this is helpful.

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This one opens ok as well.


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excellent read K1. refreshed my memory of things once learned and summarized findings from many studies. I sent this article to my kids!

Thanks, K1


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Your welcome... Yes, nothing much there that's new.

But I too enjoyed the refresher


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