A change from my usual rants!!

A change from my usual rants!!

Hi all

The hospice team came and looked after dad today for an hour and a half!!

Mum I I went for a lovely coffee overlooking a beautiful golf course! The sun shone brightly and we truly cherished this precious time together!! Of course we talked about dad and the future (whatever that may hold) Mum held back a few tears, but we talked without interruption within a gorgeous setting!

We returned and the beautiful nurse from the hospice had pampered dad to within an inch of his life! Hair washed, special cap from hospice goes in the microwave for 20 seconds and washes and conditions the hair (fabulous as dad is now bed bound) she shaved him and filed his fingernails which was grossly long!

So we came home feeling refreshed and came into a new man!! And dad was smiling (a rare happening)!!

I had to share this with all of you because all I ever doing is moan on here and for once I'm not (how long will that last)

Huge hugs to you all and lots of love x

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  • Yes, there can will be good times. May there be many more for you all.


  • Thx u NannaB

    They are rare but oh so special when they come!!

    Lots of love x

  • Ah that sounds such a positive moment for all three of you. Xx

  • Thx u darling it was!!


  • Sounds like you had some lovely quality time with you mum, hope you have many more!

    Lots of love....Pat xx

  • Awe thanks pat!!

    Me too!! X

  • lovely looks so nice, good to be able to get out and just relax Yvonnexxxxx

  • Thx you Yvonne it was really lovely x

  • So nice to hear!!! I'm happy for you all.

  • Bless you Easterncedar

    Thx u!!!!!! X

  • Thank you for letting us in on your good day, Satt! I am so glad you had a nice time with your mum. And it is sooo nice of that nurse to ...go beyond her call of duty(?) ....Your dad must've felt like a new man ! It's so nice to get pampered every once in awhile! You ALL deserved it!


  • Yes AVB it was truly lovely

    Our hospice at home nursing team are truly amazing and they are the "only" people we will leave dad with!

    And yes, she certainly did go above and beyond!!


  • Time for some more! Having Carers come in, is a good thing. We all need to learn to trust them. like your Dad, having a (I presume young woman) spending time pampering him, must have seemed like heaven. Tonight I have got upset, S just wanted some reassurance about his new medication, but I am so wrapped up, doing EVERYTHING, including all the new tasks thrown at me this week, I haven't got the time or patience.

    So yes, you and your Mum having a much needed time away from the grind of caring and your Dad spending an enjoyable time, with another human being, is worth its weight in gold!

    Lots of love


  • Bless you heady!

    It's so tiring mentally and physically (I actually think the mental side of it is worse)

    When's your next respite? Seems like you need it!

    Big hugs X

  • The last week in August. They are trying to arrange it in a home near my daughter, I am staying some of the time with her, then she can visit him regularly as well.

    Lots of love


  • I'm pleased to hear it

    You need a rest!

    We all do! X

  • You ok Heady? sounds like you are going through a rough patch at the moment. This disease certainly knows how to test us doesn't it! I'm still stuck here in Bristol, Ben is sleepy and incoherent so a glimpse into the future I guess, just hoping when they get the urine infection sorted he will get back to where he was before as not ready for this yet! Wish there was something I could say or do to help, all I can do is sent my love and a comforting arm around the shoulder. Take care heady and try to keep it together for both your sakes.

    Love Kate xx

  • Thanks Kate, you are right, PSP has thrown yet another spanner into the works. So many whizzing around my head, one will hit me one day!!! Hopefully not today! I have got through so far, no doubt I will this "little" challange!!!

    Love to Ben, hope he is feeling a bit better today. Hope you are getting as much rest as possible. You are going to need a lot in the reserve tank, when he comes home!

    Sending big hug and lots of love


  • Hi Heady, sorry to hear you've had a rough time, hope today was better. Thinking of you and sending lots of love. Nanny857 xx

  • A happy day. Love this 😚

  • Once a week my " treasure " comes and pampers Chris whilst I go out. He then sleeps like a baby , with a smile on his face ! I am free to meet friends.

    It is indeed worth its weight in gold.

    Do it again.

    love, Jean x

  • Worth its weight in gold is exactly right! X

  • Lovely to hear about hospice team. Im hoping my hubby ger will be able to go to our local hospice day care soon. I went in myself and asked them if he could. They said yes so i contacted GP to organise and fingers crossed its in the process. Imagine, a day off. At the moment i cant but getting excited nonetheless.

  • My fingers and toes are crossed for you x

  • Lovely - so glad you were able to spend time with your mum away from it all. So important to communicate with each other in a different environment and away from your dad just for a little while. Glad you had a nice time.

    Vicki x

  • Thx u Vicky x

  • That looks a great place to sit and relax, not surprised you enjoyed it whilst you knew your dad was in safe hands being pampered. Know what you mean about the fingernails, Ben's grow overnight, he has a fine set of talons on him and he often gets them filed and polished at the hospice day Centre. Hope you have many more enjoyable days with your mum.

    Love Kate xx

  • Thx Kate x

  • Hi Satt, what a lovely time for you all, hope there are lots more for everyone. Nanny857 x

  • Me to nanny x

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