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Is being in pain all over the body normal in Psp?

Hi all

My dad has been complaining of hand and arm pain but today says everywhere hurts!

He has a pain patch and is on oxynorm and paracetamol all prescribed by the hospice

I'm thinking on Monday the dosage of the pain patch may need to be upped?!

I cannot bear knowing my dad is in pain and just wondered if anyone else experiences this?

Thx u x

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Sorry no one with better information has written. I can only say pain perception can be storage with psp, going from over to under sensitivity fairly quickly. My guy used to get very achy, and I blamed the statins he was taking. Coincidence perhaps, but once off them the aching went away. I hope your father gets relief soon. Peace, ec


Thx u



I got just that answer when I asked my wife, does it hurt anywhere? She replied ‘yes’ so I asked where? She replied ‘everywhere’. Being chair-bound at the time and with such a lack of specificity I couldn’t see there was anything I could do. As one gets older there is a general tendency to ache quite a bit and sitting for long periods doesn’t help the situation. Looking back, perhaps it may well have helped to gently move her more frequently to vary the pressure points. She didn’t have any pressure sores but being unable to adjust her position, without help, must have been quite uncomfortable. Moreover being unable to engage in anything that might distract from concentrating on the discomfort, may exaggerate the pain level experienced.

Best wishes.


Thx u quickjel

I agree with everything you've said and definitely agree with a distraction, tricky though when they can't or are unable to engage in conversation



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