Too pooh or not too pooh??!!

Hi all

As some of you know dad spent nearly 3 weeks in hospital due to severe constipation

After numerous eninmas and laxatives dad came home, having been fast tracked for chc

Carers in place (care company given the elbow today by me) due to many reasons and a new care company coming in tomorrow (that's another issue, we'll see how that goes)...

Anyway since dad has been home we continued with laxido, scenekot and various other delights but no eninmas!! But now we have another problem, diarrhoea and dad doesn't know when it's coming out (sorry too much information)!!

If we stop the laxatives in your most important opinions do you think dad will get blocked up again or is the diarrhoea here to stay without the laxatives?!

Sorry everyone but ive been up to my neck today in s**t and just need your advice!!

Thx u in advance

Big hugs X

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  • satt maybe you are giving him to many laxatives, you could cut down on them and see if diarrhoea stops, it seems like a lot of laxatives you are giving him. Yvonne x

  • Thanks Yvonne we have now stopped the laxatives since about 2pm yday

    I will speak to dads clinical nurse at the hospice later because this is all a bit crazy to go from severe constipation to diarrhoea!

    Bloody Psp I hate you!!!!!


  • You seem to know a lot more than me on this. (I've been making useful notes from your posts - thanks).

    My penny worth... We were advised that walking is key to proper bowel movements. Liz was having greater and greater difficulty in opening her bowels.

    Stone me she googled it! And we went to the G.P who confirmed this and who agreed that she needed Lactulose... No diarrhoea, or loose lots or extra trips to the loo. Works a treat. Your Dad might be past the effectiveness pint for that... I don't know.

    Any good?

    Up to your neck in S**t... chuckles, sorry you are having such a hard time on this one.



  • Thx Kevin

    Yeah maybe we could go back to lactulose

    Dad is now bed bound so it really is a messy old business!


  • I was only up to my elbows! Can't help really and hope you get some good replies to your post that will help me as well. C can go for 5 days before anything happens and then boy oh boy does it happen! I give him the maintenance dose every day but have to up it before anything happens. His bowel isn't moving the motion along any more so it just has to wait until the bowel is full before coming out the other end. Not so easy to go out now but we are going to Hastings tomorrow so here's hoping we have an uneventful trip.

    I hope you get some good responses and suggestions I can try out on C as well.


  • Hope you have a wonderful day NannaB X

  • If it's not one thing but it's another isn't it . . Have a nice day without any mishaps . X

  • We went through the same with my mother. It really is trying to get a balance we stopped for a while and things went back to normal I mean normal like sludge. Then if she didn't go we gave her movicol every other day cutting the dosage down or up as required.

    We also give her fresh orange juice and certain foods affect this too. Keep a diary of what is eaten and what affect we know not to cook anything in oil now

    Hope this helps. I know it's not a nice subject but not to worry x

    Take care x

  • Yeah I'll look into movical never used that, thx u!

    Food diary good plan too X

  • Hasn't he just been on antibiotics too? Can't remember without going to check the other post. Sorry if I got that wrong. Otherwise, yes, ease up on the laxatives, slowly and keep him hydrated. Similar stuff going on here at home too. Oh boy.

  • And here too! Swings violently from one extreme to the other seemingly regardless of diet and doses - hard to manage.

  • Soooooooo hard 😥

  • No antibiotics recently from memory lol

    It's an awful business isn't it? X

  • I'd reduce the laxatives if he is still on what he was discharged with. Had same issues with Mum when she came out.was everywhere and still can be. The bladder and bowel nurse advised us not to stop giving something as it is likely to get bunged up again. I spoke with GP who agreed to stop the meds dose from hospital and move onto just movicol. It is a juggling act as still get bouts of loose mess but now getting more soft formed too. It really is a day by day decision on how much to give with the maintenance dose.

    Nurse told us this week that need to ensure 10-15 minutes once or twice a day on commode to help colon to empty as being immobile and against a pad doesn't help one bit. Mum has been out 6 weeks this week and we are only just getting out of it being everywhere on every call. Poo talk is all I seem to have!

  • Thx u

    Yeah this movicol seems quite popular I'll be looking into it it today

    Thx u X

  • Bladder nurse said it is the gentlest laxative as Mum was getting bad cramps on some. Of the laxatives. The hospital had her on opposite ends of the spectrum with lactulose that just softens stool and picosulfate that activates colon to move but aggressively. Lactulose was no good for Mum as just made it all seep out but not move it along. Apparently movicol is in the middle of aggressiveness and as liquid can play around with the dose each day. Mum had had no side effects from it so far. I'd rather her stool be soft than hard as she ended up with bleeding when in hospital.

  • It's definitely a balancing act!! 😓 x

  • I look after mum with psp and she has struggled with her bowels because she can't "bear down" we've now managed to get her on the right dose of laxatives so that she doesn't become too loose, I'm also a nurse and it sounds like your dads having over flow try reducing the laxatives a little, hope this helps

  • Thx u

    Suppose It's getting a balance X

  • Oh, I so relate to this !! It reduces me to tears. Not happening at present but it is really awful.

    I'm taking note of everyone's tips !!

    love, Jean x

  • Thx u jean

    Yeah agree it's awful n my poor dad is soooooo embarrassed but I keep reassuring him it's ok (even though I know it's really not)! 😥

  • My husband is having same problem. Been taking movicol and senna . Nothing happening. Took him to the hospital today. They gave him an enema and told us to get lactulose. Will try that and see if it is successful .j can't bear down either,

  • Heartbreaking

    Good luck x

  • The doctor prescribed fybogel for my Hubbie one each night in a glass of water stopped the problem with the unforeseen diarrhoea and constipation and is pleasant to drink, but maybe you have been through that stage and have tried this before. Hope you find something to help.

  • Yes we've tried that before maybe worth another try....thx u x

  • We tried everything for the constipation, fybogel, lactulose etc, and nothing worked until Laxido but you have to adjust the dose to what is needed. At first he was having 3 packets a day and that freed him up after a few days a bit too well!!! we then reduced it down and he now has just one packet a day which keeps him fairly regular. Such a change from before when I had to help him with the bullets! lol. So I know everyone is different, Laxido works but you have to adjust how much is needed to get it right. xxx

  • Mad isn't it?

    Dad was on 3 laxidos a day in hospital plus daily eninmas n Senekot and stool softener

    And yes I know all about the bullets too!

    Thank you for replying X

  • I am coming, very fast to the conclusion, that the medical profession are useless on this subject. I mean, who ever heard of someone with bowel problems!!! What happened to basics being taught to these doctors????

    As you know I have being having exactly the same problems with S! Nobody seems to care or what to help. I think, though, it's not rocket science. You have to do what you think. Play around with his medication. At the moment S is on Lactulose, twice a day, with Senna at night, if he hasn't performed! That does seem to be working, at the moment, fingers crossed, etc., etc., etc.!!!! Plus prunes, seeds, you name it! Personally, I would stop all laxatives until your Dad stops the diarrhoea, then start immediately on some form of laxative until you find a happy medium. That's not medical advice, just what I would do for S!!!

    hope things settle down quickly and if any accidents occur, it's when the Carers are there!!! (It's what they are paid to do!!!)

    Lots of love


  • Agree with you heady as always sound advice, thx u!!

    I too think the so called medical profession are actually having a laugh!!

    Just wrong!!


  • hi

    deja vue ! this was my life two weeks ago! once rog had a couple of normal stools post rocket fuel etc. my decision was to treat him on the basis of if he does'nt go i don't panic but on day two just give him half a sachet of laxido, but mix it with a whole glass of fluid the pour half away otherwise too strong.

    seems to be working although yesterday he did have follow through ! what a subject.



  • Bless you both

    Think that's pretty much the way we should go x

  • Think you should put diapers or some sort of protective pants and disposable bed pads on his bed. We were told that stool softeners were better than laxatives. Also a distended bladder will affect bowel movements. My husband was hospitalized for this and the catheter was left in place and now he is more regular.

    Good luck and hope you are not still swimming in Sh-t-Ha!

    Sorry couldn't resist-have been there:)


  • Thx Jane 😊

    Yeah we use pads, pull up's etc

    And yes today and the diarrhoea continues 😓

  • I know constipation is a big issue with these conditions, my husband has had this for 8years now, and we are using hoists etc to move him, my Parkinson nurse recommends cosmocol, which you add to fruit juice it is very very mild, not aggressive like scenacot, it is on prescription, and you can take up to 8 sachets a day, I find I only need to give him 2 every few days to keep him at an acceptable level, I tend to put both lots in together, as it is not the best tasting thing I've had, bit like wallpaper paste.

    I am a great fan of the Kylie, which is a large quilted pad, waterproof and easy to wash and dry, saves redoing the whole bed, I also used a waterproof sheet with the towelling side onto the top of body, which protects the duvet, but we now use pads so don't need this.

    Hope it all calms down, just read you've stopped the laxative for now, what a stressful situation, there is nothing worse than cleaning that mess, but it is something they can't help and it must be distressing for the person involved too, my husband has been in tears a lot, and that makes it even worse

    I have only just joined the forum, so tend to waffle a bit, but i5 is great to have so much support all of a sudden

    Take care jd

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