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Any tips please re how to stop 'droning?

Hi.........my sister who has diagnosed PSP is inclined to 'drone' I.e make a continuous audible humming noise. She is aware that she is doing it, doesn't admit to being uncomfortable or bored but doesn't seem able to stop making it. Despite very limited concentration she likes to attend Parkinson's meetings which has speakers but, due to others finding her 'droning' very stressful and distracting, we are gong to have to stop attending. I think it is just another 'circuit' that she gets stuck in. I have tried squeezing her hand, rubbing her back, telling her to 'ssshhh', covering her mouth and even pinching her ( not hard!). Any ideas?

When my sister was initially diagnosed a year ago, although not posting, I followed the posts of others to try and understand this 'demon'. For now, her drug regime keeps her independent with supervision so, for now, compared to the stress I read about within this community, she is doing well (considering her insight on everything that she has lost, she wouldn't say this subjectively!) Hugs to all of you who are battling and supporting with very exhausting issues.

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Hi Whazel, droning or similar is part of the disease, it was with my husband anyway) and I never found a way to stop it. I stopped taking him to the theatre and meetings where there was a speaker but I explained it to the congregation at our church and continued to go there. The pastor ignored him during his sermon but there were a few giggles from youngsters when he said, "Now we will have a few moments of silence...." There rarely was silence as either C started droning or doing his rutting deer call, or a baby started crying. No one minded.

It did stop eventually and I now take him to the monthly U3A meeting again. Everyone knows him so if he does cough loudly or similar, everyone ignores it.

Long may your sister continue to do well.


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Thank you Nanna. When I queried whether the droning would upset our local PSP group I was very kindly told that the group accepted people as they were....warts and all!

Love to you Nanna.....your persistent energy and humour astounds me. Love has many challenges!....but from what I have read vis a vis yourself....you are dog a great job!

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All we can all do is our best isn't it. Sometimes it doesn't seem the best is good enough but we can't do more than our best so it has to do.

I fear I am getting more and more like my dad. He found humour in every situation and sometimes it was very annoying. On one occasion, after I had dialled 999 as he had fallen and was lying on the floor, the paramedic asked him if he was alright. He touched his left arm and said,"Not down this side". As she knelt on the floor beside him I could see "stroke" going through her mind. He had said this many times before so I told her he was alright on the right side but all left on the left side. There was nothing wrong with him other than not being able to get up. She was not amused.....but her male collegue was. I hope I never say that to a paramedic but fear I may do so in the future.



I love that story. I may use the line myself!


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