Update on hellish few days

Hospice nurse came this morning

Lovely to dad made him comfy

At about 12.30 dad was sick, diarrhoea looking (sorry too much info) but I feel the need to share....!

I dialed 999 immediately, mum stayed with dad, ambulance here in approx 7 minutes

Dad now in A & E having an X-ray to check the bowels then I'm praying simple eninma and home but it might not be that simple (update later)

My poor dad is very scared and not fully understanding! Love him!

Me and mum are running on pure adrenalin 

Once mum n dad went off in the ambulance I cleared up indoors and got clothes, etc ready and then.....the neuro woman n another arrived

Aha my chance to go mental and trust me I did

I told this woman her behaviour appalled me and how dare she tell me my dad can poo in his pull ups? I told her that's MY DAD your talking about!!!!!!! And I love him and he's very precious to me and my mum!

I told her its her fault he's in hospital because she wouldn't get a physio or or arrange a hoist!!

Funny thing she looked v v scared (I should bloody well think so too) and said all equipment will now be arranged

Now awaiting X-ray results

I'll keep u posted X 

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  • Sorry for your dad, and hope for better news soon.  Good to know your well-aimed ferocity is going to help you get the equipment you need.  Bravo!

  • Thx u EC

    I will update shortly x

  • What a nightmare for all of you.  I hope your dad is soon made comfortable and able to return home. Let's hope the hoist gets there quickly.

    Thoughts, love and prayers to all.


  • hi al   agee  with hwwhat jhas  been saidhope  ur dad os home soon;ol  



  • Thx NannaB x

  • Hugs to you all , it's a nightmare for sufferer and carer and a damm nuisance that we have to fight for most things. X

  • Hi, I hope your Dad is OK.  Having recently had S in hospital, due the DN's not coming to see him. I know exactly how you feel!!!

    It was music to my eyes, to see that the Neuro woman arrived in the middle of your crisis. Isn't it great, when the right person comes,  when you are ready to burst, so can do in spectacular fashion.  I hope you gave her what for, on behalf of the rest of us, for these jobs worths!!!

    They may keep your Dad in, while they run tests.  This is an EXTREMELY tiring time.  Make sure you DONT spend hours at the hospital, I know you want to, but this is one time, you and your Mum, must come first.  Sleep, rest, EAT!!!

    Sending big hug and lots of love


  • Agree with Heady. Make sure you get rest while you can.

    It sounds awful. Glad you were able to rant to the right person. I'm sure she will do everything now.

    Hope things get better now.

    love and hugs, Jean x

  • A horrible situation. Hope the equipment arrives very soon. Get rested for when he comes home.

    Love Kate xx

  • So very sorry to read about your Dad being in A&E but at am sure they will sort out existing problems and maybe give you and your Mum some respite, however, short.  Pleased you were able to say 'your piece' to the neuro person, not a moment too soon.   Hope equipment arrives quickly, just keep on at them.   Carers & families do know what is best for their loved ones, who must it all be such a battle all the time ?

    Try to rest when you can. x

  • Good for you.! Hope all goes well and Dad is safely home soon.X

  • Sorry to hear about your Dad but good on you at telling the neuro woman off.Some of these people expect our family members to do things that if it was them, they wouldn't want to happen.Shame on them,it's difficult enough;hope your Dad is ok.#sendinghugs#

  • Dear all 

    Thank you sooooo much for your support

    Next post being typed with update X 

  • Sorry to hear about your dad. Do what Heady

  • Opps! Do what Heady says and get your rest. I feel so much better for a good night's sleep. And you can rage at carers and nurses so much better! Did my own cage rattling today! And got somewhere.

  • Well Done!!!

    Lots of love


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