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CBD but with an AD pathology

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows anything about CBD but with a AD patholgy?My husbands symptoms are classic from what I read here but his PET scan did not show what the consultant expected he is having a lumbar puncture to measure CSF Tau and A Beta for Alzheimer's disease pathology, does anyone know anything about this?It would be so helpful. Thank you all so much as this site helps alot in supporting me.

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Hi - I am sorry I give concrete info but reading your post led to me remembering 2 things:

1. In PSP, there is (maybe anecdotal) evidence that any surgery or serious infection or anesthesia can lead to a stage-down - it happened with my dad, at least once after his first lumbar-puncture - I am not sure if it will happen with your husband but your neuro may know better

2. There is something called NPH - it's extra-pressure in the brain due to excess fluids, doctors do a lumbar-puncture, take out fluid and see if there is improvement in the patient - if there is, they put a shunt in the skull which lets the fluid out regularly - and the patient is almost back to normal - I am assuming the neuro already confirmed it's not NPH?


Hi Sammy

Agreeing, but adding the I saw somewhere in the PSP association material that full anaesthetics should be avoided unless essential because of their propensity to cause large step downs on the condition.


thank you for this, Kevin - I was thinking of making a list of symptoms or things-to-expect for PSP or CBD patients - it could help dementia patients in general too

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Sounds good :)

Just adding. It appears that there is a cross over PSP/CBD for some patients. The conditions need not be that discreett for some.


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