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I wrote a message a couple of weeks ago about a system that seems so disjointed it's almost a farce. I applied for a pip a month or so ago transfering from DLA. I sent all my test results , letters from 2 Professors , social services report and a clinical health report. Plus more and more stuff that I thought it was overkill. So when I received a letter saying  they were sending a health care professional to see me I though no problems, let them come. 

The visit was this morning (a lovely nurse) but the questions she asked had all been covered in my application. The interview lasted 40 minutes tops.  When I asked what the point of her visit was she just shrugged her shoulders  as if to agree with me.

Why  isn't there someone who understands the condition on any of these panels so when we apply for benefits fully backed with results etc it's just accepted as a given. I see to many people lolling  about the streets with walking AIDS etc only to see them playing golf or bowls.

It's could take another 8 weeks before I get the decision!, blumming  crazy and a waste of time. 

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Ben had his first visit from DW&P re PiP. We were dreading it as you feel like they are there to try to catch you out to avoid payment. We were expecting some sour faced government official but were greeted by a very jolly and supportive ex paramedic. Still not convinced Ben will receive the benefit. Fingers crossed. xx


Fingers crossed she reports your needs correctly.  When you get the results read the report fully as very wordy and actual assessment hidden you need enhanced care and enhanced mobility to get full benefit.  If not you need to appeal immediately and I suggest you get help from CAB if required.  Hopefully, no problem.  

It does seem a bit of a lottery as our DLA to PIP application was accepted within 5 weeks no assessment needed but change over took ten.  

Best wishes and good luck Tim


Thanks for the advise Tim, I'm waiting with baited breath to see what the outcome is. xx

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