I want to take my dad on holiday, transport advice please!

Hi all

I'd like to take my dad (with mum) to The Grove in Bouremouth, check it out, sounds amazing! Oh yes and I have spoken to them and they know all about Psp and have guests there with Psp!

Problem I have is arranging transport, wheelchair user, ie dad to be wheeled in and out of the transport. I cannot do this with my car as unable to transfer dad into or out of the car! Any ideas welcome, I've tried googling this without success so any suggestions would be very welcome!

I need transport from Surrey to Bouremouth. 

I just think if I could arrange a break asap it may lift dads spirits, equally it might not?! But I feel I need to try as he is very depressed at the moment and is sleeping most of the time!

Thanks all and happy Easter x

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  • Hi hope all goes well with transport . We planned to take hubby to the Grove, unfortunately he was too week to travel all the way to Bournemouth. Enjoy your holiday x

  • Awe bless you

    I fear the same but I want to try


  • good  4 u satt2015l

  • Definitely try. We waited for better weather. Then he suddenly deteriorated. Don't do tomorrow what you can do today. Xx

  • sorry bout  that

    lol ijill


  • Can you hire a specially adapted car?  Might be worth looking into.  The only other thing I can think of is to get a taxi!  Expensive I know,  but if it means you can go, then worth the price.

    Never heard of this place, I will check it out.

    Lots of love


  • Hey Heady

    How are you?

    No to the hire as wouldn't feel comfy doing that and yes I'm thinking taxi

    Yeah check it out on trip advisor it's amazing!

    My friends one with Psp are going in May  x

  • How about a higher seated car?  Or is transferring a big no no!

    Lots of love


  • Yeah big no no! 😓

  • I agree with Heady.  However, do you have car rentals in the UK?  You might be able to rent a van, even a van for wheelchair access.....It would be about as much as a taxi but it's yours and you can go anywhere you want.

    that's all I got good luck


  • Thx u AVB

    I think if we do it it'll be a taxi because I couldn't drive anything too big lol x

  • Totally understandable

  • Have you got a "Lions" club in your area, ours are marvellous with helping with transport and I am sure if you explained your position to them they would come up with a good idea, ours take all local residents who cannot manage public transport too and frow on shopping trips, hospital appointments and even holidays so it is worth an enquiry

  • Ooh lovely thx u!

    I'll google it x

  • Hi, I may be able to help you out with transport. My wife (CBD) and I live in Bournemouth. We have a vehicle that a wheelchair with your Dad can be wheeled straight on and securely fastened without having to get of the chair. There is a rear either side of the wheelchair and a front passenger seat. I expect it would have to be on a Saturday so that I can arrange a sitting service for my wife. Thinking about it The Grove might look after my wife whilst I pick you up and also for return journey so in that case it could be any day. Just petrol costs will be fine. Let me know if I can help. Tim

  • Wow Tjayoo

    Im actually gobsmacked!!

    That is unbelieveably kind!! I am struggling to believe your kindness!!

    Although I hate Psp I have to say I'm making some truly amazing friends on this journey!

    Please send me your email or telephone and we can chat!

    Equally I think this is such a generous offer but  surely would be most unfair on you and your wife!!

    Hugest thanks


  • Hi my email is:- tjayoo@gmail.com 

    I'll go and see The Grove people on Wednesday when my wife is at a hospice for a few hours and then will be in a better place to inform you how we can work this out. Perhaps you could let me know your postcode or nearest town so I can work out how long the journey would be and also what month you would hope to come. 

    Pleased to help


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