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Entitlement to sitters


Thanks to folk who replied to me.Friday afternoon the care agency phoned to say yes I could use my hours having two sitters.Common sense prevailed for once!

Des is very low having learned his brother 3 years younger has been taken into the hospice. He needs more pain control.

Des is asking how much longer he has to wait.I have tried to be Polyanna but that just makes him angry, and I can see why.Perhaps his daughter will come today and get a smile,do so hope so.

I am now going to make choux pastry,Des can still eat very creamy profiterolles when in the mood.

Hope you all have a good Sunday Px

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Gosh I love profiteroles too - do they travel well by post ? My cooking skills don't run to that .

Oh dear! It's hard for a fit person to know a family member is very sick but with something like PSP, where emotions are highlighted anyway, it must be heart breaking for him, and for you to see him like this. I hope his daughter does come and cheer him up and I'm sure your lovely profiteroles will do. I haven't made choux pastry for years. I feel hungry now.

Enjoy your profiteroles.


My favourites! Wish I could make them. Many of hundreds of years ago, I worked in a hotel, the soux chef's speciality was Profiteroles. Never had such good ones since!

Glad they have sorted out your care. It's heartbreaking and very frightening, to be told, the Carers can't cope, so you are on your own!

Lots of love


Glad you got things sorted with the carers, awful that you thought you would be left to it to cope on your own. Hope your daughter raises a smile or two and enjoy the profiteroles. xx

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