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Best Christmas Gift Ever

And the wrapped canvas was followed by a tiny gift box with a card announcing that after my three nights in 5-star all inclusive I would fly to Istanbul for two nights with my best friend Naz. On Saturday Leyla and Chris will drive me to hotel in Antalya then she'll pick me up from our local airport on Thursday 7th when I land back from Istanbul. In my absence Leyla will do the caring, we start training today. I still can't quite believe it. Our 7 Christmas guests flew back to UK yesterday after an amazing week. my daughter and her friends are wonderful people.

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Eso happy for you enjoy xxxx

What a wonderful way to start the year! What a lovely idea, too. Have a delightful rest, pattz. Enjoy!

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My daughter and I both love surprises and try to outdo each other. She is way ahead after this one!

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You did a good job raising her, that's for sure!

That's amazing and you don't have long to wait before you go. What considerate family and friends you have.



Fantastic enjoy your respite time out, Leyla sounds like a gem.

Enjoy, best wishes for New Year and your trip. Tim

That sounds wonderful! Make sure you do enjoy every single second!!!

I'm off to Paris for the weekend with my sister, some time soon. It was my birthday present, from her, with a voucher from my daughter, to look after S.

Can't wait!

Lots of love


wwwwwwwooooowwwwww!!!!! that sounds AMAZINGGGGGG

You are one lucky mother/friend/wife/sister(?)

I hope you have a wonderful time !


What a great, thoughtful present. Make sure you have a lovely relaxing time. Nanny xx

Thank you to everyone for good wishes. I am really excited now and L has already bit the bullet and helped change C last night prior to putting him to bed. After wonderful Christmas weather temperature has plumetted, snow forecast for Istanbul today and rain down here from Sunday onwards. But it won't spoil my holiday. Happy New Yaer to you all.

What a fabulous surprise. Bet you felt on top of the world knowing people do care about you both even if, sometimes it doesn't feel like that! Xxx

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