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Hi all

To be clear can I ask for your advice please?

Having spoken to Marie Curie they have advised they can arrange night sitters and to get the referal through our GP

The GP sent a fax to the neuro team, that didn't approve this??!!

The neuro team said Marie Curie are only there for end of life care.....I spoke to Marie Curie again today who advised the neuro team are WRONG and my dad does qualify.......

I now have an appointment with the neuro team to discuss further end of next week

How confusing

I think the neuro team have got it wrong, if they have I'll be very very unhappy!!

Any ideas, comments greatly appreciated!!


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  • Very confusing. I can't help with this but why would anyone say your dad couldn't have night sitters if the group providing it says you can. I could understand it if the neuro team said the Marie Curie would sit but then Marie Curie said he didn't qualify, but not the other way round. Who are the neuro team to say you can't have help if offered. Very strange. For all your sakes, I hope he gets the night sits.


  • Thx u NannaB

    I agree totally odd!!

    I'll update you on this when I find out

    Big hug X


  • Hi Satt2015, why won't your GP just refer you? Why has it got to be the Neuro team? We were referred by Crossroads,for Marie Curie's Be-friending service, where they send someone in to sit fora couple of hours. Are you connected to your local Hospice, they might be able to help. The person you are dealing with, may still be hung up on the fact that Marie Curie only deal with end of life Cancer patients! Another round with "Mike Tyson". When will this ever stop????

    Sending you lots of love

    Lots of love


  • Thanks Heady

    We are still waiting for the hospice referal

    The GP surgery told me yesterday I should call the hospice for an update, I'll call them today (they were closed when I called yday) and I agree once the hospice are involved I think help will be easier.....

    And I totally agree the lady at the neuro team does think Marie curie is just for end of life care, ffs, what is the matter with these so called professionals? !!

    And I have no idea why the GP involved the neuro team? Probably because she hasn't got a clue either?!!

    All makes me mad!!

    Big hug


  • The Neuro Team are definitely wrong. Marie Curie have changed their name to emphasis the fact that they are for the care of any patients that need it. The GP can request without referral to Neuro team if they won't change their mind. The change of name and terms of ref have caused confusion by professionals, Marie Curie have moved away from cancer care many years ago when Macmillan Nurses specialised in that area. Get the GP to refer your dad to Marie Curie direct, forget about other professional, you need MC overnight care.

    Best of luck Tim

  • Thx u Tim


  • Sounds rediculous, I am so surprised that a neuro team who supposed to understand your plight can refuse to try to help in any way they can. What gets me is that they seem so dispassionate. I hope you manage to get your well deserved help as soon as possible despite the lack of help from the very people we are supposed to trust. Disgusting.

  • Agreed

    Truly disgusting Katie


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