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Poem I wrote last night, just read it to dad, he got tearful x

My Dad's name is A and he is 76 years old

He is very handsome and very bold

My Dad has Psp and this makes him very tired

However my Dad keeps Mum and me totally wired!

Psp - Progressive Supranuclear Palsy is total crap

And makes me want to scream while we try not to flap

We try our best with dad all day and night

But sometimes we end up all getting a fright!

Psp will make you fall and Psp will make you cry

But Psp will not beat us, i swear I'll try

I hate you Psp, how dare you do this to my Dad??

How dare you make Dad,mum and me so flaming sad?!

You try and stress us out all day long

You've got such a cheek, but we will keep strong

One day we hope and pray they will find a cure

Until then we will all have to endure!

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Very good. Xxxxx


Poetry is a good vent...vent on. sing your song youre not wrong in the things you feel

PSP will not overcome even though from this we know they will not heal.



Great way to let it out. xoxox


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