Thanks to all of you!!

I wrote my first post on here a few days ago

My dad has Psp

My mum and I care for dad

Thanks to you lovely peeps it's made mum and me accept we finally need help!

I've organised a friend of a friend who is a carer to come in for 2 hours a week starting this week!

We will start by meeting her and ensuring dad is 100% ok with her

We will stay here for her first 3 visits (in another room) to ensure everything is followed to our liking

Then our intention is to start getting out for a coffee

Wow what progress this will be!!

And I must thank you all for realising mum n me must do this for our sanity

We had the very difficult conversation with my dad yesterday explaining that we must also look after ourselves and bless his heart he thought we were gonna say we'd had enough and he had to go into a home!

Never ever will this happen and we've promised my dad we will always care and look after him but we must have a small break every now and then! Dad totally understood this!! God he is beyond beautiful!!

Big hugs


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  • Satt2015 good for you both, we all need a rest, and if you dad is happy with the care he gets, maybe you could increase it to give you both a bit more me time, sending you both a big hug. Yvonne xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thx u Yvonne

    Agree but we are very much into one step at a time

    So much to continually do and consider

    But this is a major breakthrough!


  • Well Done!!!

    Lots of love


  • Well done! Your dad will hopefully like the company of others. The first sitter we had used to play cribbage with C. I hate playing cards so he could play with someone who actually enjoyed it. My son made him a huge crib score board with cut down chop sticks for the pegs so he could see and move them.

    It's good to make sure everything is going OK with the carer but I only stayed in the house for 1 week as I kept listening to what was going on and couldn't relax. The carer couldn't either. She told me weeks after, when we really got to know each other, that she was scared of doing something wrong as she couldn't relax knowing I was around. She has been with us for nearly 2 years now and has seen Cs illness progress. She stays here for 4 1/2 hours now and occasionally I don't go out but do gardening or painting and she will make coffee and bring it out to me. It's so good to be able to do things without having to stop for toileting, choking, help with sitting up, lying down, feeding and giving drinks.

    Looking forward to hearing how the first visit goes.


  • Awe bless you

    Thx you for your reply

    I shall take note of what you've said!


  • I agree with NannaB, when we got a sitter for first time M and the carer kicked me out after an hour as they both wanted a chat without me hovering in the kitchen, do enjoy your coffee break try a Danish forget about calories for the break. You both deserve to relax, your dad will be in safe hands, enjoy yourselves and consider retail therapy.

    Best wishes Tim

  • "Retail Therapy" I like it! Actually I hate shopping but today It was fun and I actually bought me something! It really was therapeutic . I came home made breakfast for dinner and watched Notre Dame almost lose a game they had in the bag! USC slowed down in the 4th quarter to allow ND to take the lead from a tied game. American football, what can I say....

    I know, "lets get some more therapy!"

  • I hate shopping but sometimes just looking round local shops relaxing like idea of breakfast for dinner, but I have put myself on a diet doubt will last as I finding that I eat out of boredom when M asleep. You have NFL we have rugby. In middle of Rugby Union World Cup fantastic games pity Wakes lost to South Africa but very close for 75 min out of 80. Then last night a fantastic demonstration of running rugby by New Zealand against France if you can get a chance watch second half demolition of France some fantastic passing ball carrying and tackling that you can almost feel through the screen. Looking forward to Scotland v Australia this evening. Even M stays awake for these games.

    As you say different therapies help us all.


  • Rugby eh, It's like soccer with more contact, right.......I could knock around a few mates...hahaha

    Yes.....eating out of boredom....Since quitting teaching, I've gained about 10lbs! I'm going to need OA (overeaters anonymous)!hahahah


    PS...AM. football is becoming more scrutinized as we see greater long-term injuries being had. Football players are much bigger than when the game was first created, unfortunatly their bodies still can resist all the force impacted upon them.

    This is especially evident in high school fb where kids are getting seriously hurt!

    I hope Rugby and soccer are less dangerous on the player!


    B is up and calling for breakfast, all have a good day/ night.


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