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Keeping noise, mouth and ears clean


My dad is in advanced dementia stage and he has a PEG tube

If someone is or has been in the same situation, can you please suggest how to keep his mouth/nose/ears clean?

Mouth: I have a steamer for him ( - this is a really good device - it produces steam at around 45 degrees Celsius (less than half boiling point) - but he refuses to use it - pushes it away

A doctor suggested to clean his mouth with a water/glycerin/Bonjela mix but that too I can only use outside his gums since he would bite - also I am afraid of producing unnecessary mucus

Nose: I used a q-tip covered with olive oil inside his nostrils, only up till the length of the cue tip cotton itself (about half to quarter of an inch) - this seemed to help a bit but any other tips?

Ears: Before, he always use to put a matchstick in his ear and scratch it - now he just sticks a finger in his ear with a lot of distress on his face :( - is this due to ear wax only? I have an ear wax cleaning kit but I am afraid the ear drops might trickle down to his throat...


- Sammy

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I use baby oil in warm soapy water for eyes lashes etc , for the nose smear a little Vaseline just inside and out , mouth warm water with a spit of bi carb is a good cleanser . I use Bonjela if sore . I use baby oil on a cotton bud for ears Siffucult when they cannot keep mouth open I know


Thank you for the tips :) I will try them out


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