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morning everyone

as i now have my mojo back i had a thought the other day, now this may offend some of you sensitive souls but be gentle with me!

now like all of you this falling lark is terrifying, i have found rog in the most horrific situations even when he has been told DO NOT MOVE! but occasionally we both laugh once we are sure there are no injuries at the pickle he is in. once i found him like a dying fly on a picnic bench when he had tipped backwards we both were crying with laughter!

now my thought was what about if we took a picture and then made a PSP calander girls type calander to raise funds??????

comments please!!!!!!!!

lots of love to you all

julie xx

ps what i find useful now as he completely ignores my do not move conversation if he is sat on his rollator and i pop into the shop i say ' what are the magic words?' he replys do not move and bizarrly this appears to work, maybe some odd cognition thing!

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Good morning, I'm all up for raising some money, although I'm worried green peace would be called if I stripped off in any way! Glad you can laugh again about the predicaments, it's a good way of coping.

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Julie i have just about stopped laughing you took be back about 15/20 years i was looking after an old sailor and his sense of humour never left him. I let myself in and he was flat on his face on the floor naked as the day he was born i got told park your bike before you phone the ambulance. Apart from the picture in my head i am sure it would of been sensord for our calander. Lets hope we get some good stories. Janexx


Good idea Julie, had a good laugh, I am sure some of our lovely people with be up for it, Really made me laugh xxxxxxx

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Memories of some of the photo's I could have taken have just made me laugh but many of them would look more like those for a CSI or murder mystery calendar with lots of blood. My darling can't get up alone any more so I don't think I'll be contributing.

I was interested in the way you get Rog to repeat the magic words. I found if I kept instructions positive C was more likely to remember them, i.e. Instead of don't move I'd say sit still or wait there. If I left him alone for a few minutes I know he would go into the garden so instead of telling him not to, I'd say sit and watch TV for a few minutes. It seemed as if he forgot what the word 'don't' meant but just heard the last part of the question doing whatever that said. We definitely had fewer falls when I changed the way I instructed him.

I'm pleased you have got your mojo back. Long may it remain.



thats a great idea I have a few great pic of Aunt Bev that would sure be funny to put in one god I would just die laughing so would she

hugs Kryste

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We'll we are game for it once I get Bill out of hospital. Four weeks and counting!


laughter is the best medicine and to catch it in a calendar picture even better LMAO!!!


Love the idea! Could have taken plenty myself, including being stark naked in a LAKE of shattered glass, from our shower screen. His son did take a picture of him stuck behind a wall by our pond, feet up in the air, where he was trying to cut the hedge, about a year before diagnoses!!!

We could alway blur the faces to hide the identity! Havent PSPA got a bear, we could use that to hide any embarrassing parts!!!

Lots of love


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Yes, Heady blur the faces to protect the innocent....This one would be of me. after putting B;s dry clothes on in the men's dinky small change room at the pool, I decided it was probably pretty safe for me to change in there as well. Not so. right my undies were rounding the last portions of my rump ...bout half way up in walks his trainer...Ithink...There can't be many things worse than having to see the nakedness of an old lady....poor guy....Miss January I ain't but my skin on my butte probably as white as snow in January!!!!haha No signs of a San Tropez tan here haha.

Oh but the legs in air pictures as B ends up on his back ....How'd you do that?



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