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Neurologist at the coast of Algarve, Portugal?

My hubby's diagnosed with PSP but still doing fairly well. We'll be relocating to Lagos, Portugal, later this year.

Might anybody possibly know of a neurologist, a neuro-team or/and clinic on the coast they'd like to recommend?

Thank you in advance- and thanks to you all for the tips and trix on this page, that help us with our everyday problems and for sharing your own experiences.

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I am US bound but two places I might suggest. Mayo Clinics, And they especially may have some resources in your area. They have been a wealth of info to me and even my husbands DR's

Good Luck, and welcome to this site tho I'm sorry you're here,



Thank you for your link and tip about Mayo. I will definitely look into that.

I appreciate you help :-)


Before going please check health care arrangements as Portugal health system very much not NHS. More clinic based rather than GP and hospitals. Add PSPA to aburke's list. Also try and get material on PSP translated so can give to Portugese healthcarers as we know in UK that PSP is not widely known or thought about. Enjoy the sun Tim


Thank you for your reply. Very good advise. We are living in Sweden and I'm going nuts over our health care system, which is one reason to leave (seriously, who thought that about Sweden). I am trying to find neurologists and neuro clinics in Lisbon and at the Algarve and have a few links to look into.

I really appreciate your kind remarks :-)

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