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Toiletting issues

My husband has CBD and we are experiencing some toiletting issues. He goes in and will say, "I don't know what to do." I have him sit to urinate but his hands don't work so he inevitably urinates on the floor unless I help him. At this point we have volunteers from our church who come in 2 - 3 hours a day while I am at work so feed him lunch and make sure he doesn't wander off. I can not ask these people to take him to the restroom. Any hints on what to do? Any hints on how to get started finding home health care? Adult day care centers?

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My husband has PSP so I;m not sure if everything will be the same . First may I say God bless those at your church who are willing to do this. However if he is not able to use the bathroom the hours while you are out....You may ask for one who is trained in caregiving. especially if he needs to be trained in areas such as urination. If you live in the US you can call Social Services or ask your Neurologist for help. Others on this sight understand bathroom needs and UTIs. don't let your husband get one of those.

Well I hope Ive done you some good, good luck.


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This is always a troubling topic. My FIL needs someone 24/7 and when myself or Eric are not available we have to hire in caretakers. Sometime families comes but they are not able to go to the bathroom with him due to embarrassment and strength. My FIL wears depends and most the time unless you take him they are wet.

Sitting to urinate was quickly our go to plan as well because i couldn't possibly clean the floor 1 more time :) My FIL always had the URGE to urinate but never went. We started him on VESIcare to get rid of the false urges. I think it is very helpful!

As far as home health care... I put and ad out there and interviewed people. It's hard to know who to trust but there ARE good people you just have to find them.

We are blessed enough to have an Adult Daycare on my way to work so he does go there 9 hours Monday -Friday.

Where are you located?


Springfield, IL


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