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9:00 pm bang

well its 9:22 and everybody who has a match and a firecracker is lighting them off! My poor dog! she is shaking. She actually followed me into the bathroom.....she learned many, many falls ago not to follow her master into that room. I can see why ppl with ptsd suffer. I am sorry dear veterans. Now that this year my husband doesn't want to go see fireworks, it's just a bunch of loud noise! and a nervous dog!!!!


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Poor puppy. My kitties are the same way. We are in a rural setting and it is still loud with all the large rockets. My husband is one of those veterans who never likes the fireworks. So I do understand that for sure. Thank you for your compassion, AVB.


Well a big bang to all us caregivers, eh? I wanna sleep now; they've cut down on the noise so I will see. Good night!


abirke, In my house hubby is in bed goes to slep earlier and earlier, and I am watching fireworks on TV. My black standard is following me wherever I go and refused to go outside. Well, he did go eventually but wouldn't move away from me. Fortunately, my other 2 did go out but came running back to me as fast as they could. I love fireworks to but usually don't go to see them live anymore. I miss that. Hubby is getting worse, having difficulty getting undressed and his memory is driving me crazy. Should say lack of it. Have to remember to fill his pill case in the morning. He hasn't a clue of what he is taking anymore :(


Yes I suppose whats keeping mine somewhat flexible is having to do both mine and my husbands thinking....though if I wait long enough he's got it and I still aint///hahaha

Yes my friend and I were thinking what California is doing in lieu of fireworks...laserworks. not so hot and just as fantastic! no messy clean up either except cotton candy and soda cups.....


Oh! That brought back memories. Our dear dog was the same on November 5th here in the UK. ( and whenever she heard loud bangs at other times). We couldn't leave her on her own so she would press against my legs shaking until it was all over. The year she died aged 15, we went to the first display we had attended for many years; and what happened? We both cried all the way through it remembering her.



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