I recently purchased an awning to put at the front of our house where there is a sun trap . V doesn't like full sun anymore so I thought this would do the trick for the summer . I bought it on line and it did say they could provide a fitting service but that it was a simple task - so hey I have a degree - albeit in Sociology and not civil engineering but it couldn't be that difficult surely .I have been looking at the box for the past two weeks contemplating making a start . I am the man with a shed full of tools none of which ever seem to be the appropriate one's for the task in hand . Eventually I opened the box and searched out the instruction manual and list of contents . Now usually there is always some crucial element missing - not this time ! There were extra bits for which there was no explanation . The manual was of little help as it appeared to have been written by an outer Mongolian nomad with an expertise in erecting yurts and with very little understanding of standard English .Still I persevered and rang the company - no they didn't know what the extra bits were for either and recommended the online video showing how to put it up . This I did and this chap and his mate had it all assembled and up in a flash - leaving me none the wiser . Not to be defeated I decided that I would put this thing up one way or another and if it fell down taking the front of the house with it - well at least I had tried . Any way to cut what is already a rather long story short - I did it ,having exhausted just about all the swear words in my not inconsiderable vocabulary and used all the bits maybe not in all the right places but it seemed to be OK . Triumphantly I wound out the awning and it worked . In doors I sped and said to V "come and look " "no" she said " I am watching Pointless "

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  • Oh Georgepa, that has put a smile on my face. By the way, one of our sons is making a yurt at the moment but he isn't from Mongolia, he lives in Brighton. If you Google, The Full Circle, you can see his first construction but being 12 metres across, is a bit bigger than a yurt.

    I'd like to see your efforts so if you decide to take a photo, can we have a look.

    Tell V we watch pointless as well.

    Enjoy your family weekend.


  • Georgepa you have done the impossible and made me smile again (in fact I giggled!) after a very trying day (I will explain later). thank you, you are a shining light in all of this and I love you to bits!....Pat xx

  • What a lovely way to start the day. Laughter makes our lives a lot easier Please keep posting as I always enjoy your way with word. Hope you and V enjoy the awning this summer xx

  • Sitting here having my tea you made me laugh I really enjoy your post, have a good day and I hope you get a lot of sun for your efforts. Yvonne xxxxx

  • Glad it was you doing this, not me! I would have condemned the whole of the Northern Hemisphere to continual rain for the next Twenty years!!!

    You could always put a T V out there, so V can carry on watching her programmes.

    Lots of love


  • "Sociologists must get up early and go out at dawn to walk the streets and observe the changes in the landscape wrought by the upheavals of the night". Can remember quote but have lost name of source, 89-year-old French 'father' of sociology, you will know. This came to me as I was researching on-line for context whilst translating an academic essay a couple of months ago. I am a mathematician who know finds herself doing academic proof read/edit/translation almost entirely within the social sciences. I am also hopeless at DIY so can totally relate to your post. Luckily help is affordable here. We plod on.....


  • Durkheim?

  • Definitely not Durkheim. The guy is still alive. Will post name as soon as I find it. Unfortunately laptop essay was saved on has died so I have to search on-line. I'll get the name.

  • Alain Touraine. Will 90 in August, still working and coined term 'post industrial society'. Admittedly not well know outside France, but a bit better known now I am spreading the word.

  • Oh dear georgepa I will admit I read your post at 5am this morning and was so pleased that a) you posted and b) no one was here to see me dissolve in laughter. it is priceless what we do to make our loved ones happy and then to have pointless trump all your hard work and effort. Keep on posting. Janexx

  • hi georgepa

    i have only just got your post and am replying to it- it mad me smile and laugh a little and it was a good response from V - IM afraid i don't watch POINTLESS but a good response on her part - is it a witty response or just the truth??

    lOl jILL


  • Ah that would be telling !

  • probably the first thing that comes into her head , it's what happens often when I speak to John

  • Loved this tale. Hope V was suitably impressed when she was free !!

    We have struggled with Ikea ! One of our proudest moments was successfully completing a chest of drawers. The drawers mostly close most of the time and you need to know exactly how to do it. Mind you, that applies to lots of things in our house!

    love, Jean x

  • are you finding the awning helpful . I have been considering getting one , John is the same cannot stand the light . at the moment I am using a a large oblong umbrella .

    it helps enormously but I have to put it up and take it down daily . it's rather heavy work for me now .

    I thought about getting an electric one that I can open and close from inside the house . you c,an even get one that will close if any sign of rain I believe

  • I don't know yet as I have yet to get V to sit under it ! But I think it will be ok and it will save having to move umbrellas backwards and forwards . I have one which is 2.5 meters long and pulls out to just over two meters - it came from Primrose awnings - on line .

  • thanks for that I will have a look at Primrose . I won't get John outside but at least can keep the sun -light f and open windows . Gave been considering putting a patio doors on . don't know if I can cope with the work going on though . It's also finding th right people to do the jobs as well

  • Sa lesson learned to not try and feed someone who isn't responsive who thinks he is , jelly and icecream

  • that sounds a good idea - an awning which works electrically

    i would love 1 u as i find the light and the heat really bother me now but am not sure it'd be approved of as we live in a listed building

    but it si well worth thinking about......and making a proposal to the management

    but not putting up 1 ourselves

    lol jill


  • Have you read my latest tip . john finds it cold esp his hands . I keep a blanket over his knees but then he gets in a pickle keeping them underneath and getting them out to reach for a tissue , all day long to wipe his drool .

    he also cannot stand a lot of things in front of him .

    I have found a pair of old cloth gloves and cut the fingers out . It is helping a lot doesn't need the blanket all the time . His hands are Warner but fingers free . They are also helping to keep his hands open and fingers not so tight together




  • It has helped John keeps the wrist and Palm war which helps his fingers let me know how u get on

    you might need help getting them on if your hands get stiff or sticky upon lol . Or even closed i. Do u find if you have a lot of things in the way or in front of you it worries you . john has for years and years always asking me to move something . I thought he was just being a pest lol . He wasn't I now realise why

  • Lots of things he would change a a subject completely if we a few in conversation . It was his way of coping , But not deliberately . Would tell him off for being rude

  • Reading this, I'd say, yes - leave your day job - you are a great writer!

    Here's to Monday morning - yuck!


  • Yuck and double yuck !!!






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