During last two weeks we change the feeding tube for my father two times and he was admit in the hospital he remove the tube from his nose at night he is able to eat but very little amount can any one give me advice how he can live without eating it's very difficult for me to look at him and count the days any one can just tell me if he have experience about this period of disease thank you

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  • My mother had a stroke and they had difficulty feeding and keeping tube in nose , at the same time uncertain that it was going into the lung or not so fitted a peg instead .

    Luckily she had no problem with the tube and left the peg tube alone . She lived for three years after that and eventually was able to eat some orally . But the peg sustained her . good luck maybe your dad will come to Terms with it . hugs xx

  • Thank you cabbagecottage but can you please let me know if the peg need a local or full anesthesia regards

  • Sorry not to get back before . I believe my mum had full anasthetic but not really sure .

  • Madeline did the same thing...that nose job is an additional, hell for your dad unless it is your dad,s wish to leave this earth a stomach tube should be looked at,Madeline has had one for 3 plus years,to us at least it was a Godsend,regards..Rollie...but do remember psp is progressive so as you extend life the illness goes to lower steps...

  • The main questioon seems to be: does your father want to be fed? If so, he will find the peg fitted direct into the stomach much less intrusive and uncomfortable than the nose route. My wife had one for over a year before she died; her main nourishment was pumped to her overnight while she slept, leaving the days free except for three 20 minute sessions with syringes providing essential water, and an additonal liquid food to restore her weight and strength (lost when she could no longer swallow food of any kind) and her medication. The whole process worked very well.

    Very best wishes,


  • Thank you but did the peg need a local or full anesthesia in in my country at the present we have only one doctor he can do it , regards

  • My wife just stopped eating and ate very, very little before her death. Don't know if it was on purpose or the disease. I didn't ask her. After a week of not eating much she took a turn and passed in two days. The end is a tough time for us all. She didn't struggle at all, took one peaceful last breath and passed on to heaven. Finally free from PSP and the trials and tribulations of this world. Stay strong and don't force your loved one to eat. Jimbo

  • Thank you all and appreciate yr opinion best wishes to you all

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